Stuck in the middle

Being as close as a friend to Liam that I am, I never thought I'd end up here. Stuck between a battle of love with Niall and Liam, life is just beginning.


3. Announcement

We quickly found ourselves hand in hand, walking back to the party. No one seemed to notice we left, so we slipped through the back door into the family room. With nothing to do, Niall left to get some chips, and I lay on the couch watching Scifi. Niall came back in and sat down beside me, we watched some silly horror film about a giant mosquito attacking everyone. I lay my head down on Nialls chest as we finished the film. I started to get up to leave, since it was getting late. Niall grabbed my arm and playfully pulled me back down to the couch. I tried tickling him to escape but he held me down with my arms across my chest. We stopped and stated at each other for a short five seconds before he let me loose. I sat up on the couch and heard him take a deep breath. " What's wrong Niall? " I asked confused. " we have to talk.. " he said slowly. " next week I'm leaving with the X - factor gang.. " my heart stopped.. " what are you trying to say? " I hesitated. " I will be gone for a while..far away from here. " he said. My eyes filled up with tears as he hugged me tight whiping the tears off my cheek with his thumbs. I was really upset that Niall would be leaving, but it's for his career so I wished him luck and layed back on his chest.
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