The Ballad of Eugene Emmerich Vol. 1

Eugene Emmerich lives under mysterious circumstances. Starting from his birth, his life has been nothing but a chain of questions that never seem to get answered. But when Eugene enters his later years in high school and early years of college, he is bound and determined to get his questions answered. As Eugene investigates his life's mysteries, he soon learns more then he ever wanted. And Eugene will soon find out that too much knowledge on one's life, can lead to deadly consequences.

Work in process.


2. F

    When Gene entered his Junior year of high school, he grew very fond of his English teacher, Mr. Fredrick. Mr. Fredrick was funny, very funny. He had a well rounded personality and treated every student the same. Gene felt like he was somebody in that class.

    Mr. Fredrick also really liked Gene himself. Gene was always participating in class and was a very intelligent boy. But Mr. Fredrick noticed that there was something not right about Gene. There was something about him that didn’t fit with the rest of the class.

    Mr. Fredrick would put this though aside and just continue to teach the way he had always taught. He continued to treat each kid as if they were the same. That is the only way that you can ever keep stability in a classroom, by treating each kid equally.

    Today in class, Mr. Fredrick taught everyone about the importance that Shakespeare had on British society. The only person that was truly into his lecture was Gene. Gene had always like Shakespeare. The fact that all of his plays usually ended with someone dying appealed to him even more.

    At the end of class, Mr. Fredrick assigned something that the kids had never done before. He assigned everyone a video project. All the kids had to film their life in their household and in school. The kids would then have to show their film to the class. Gene was not too excited about this. He remembered the last time he decided to write down everything that had happened in his life. He remember the look on his classmates faces as he read his unspeakably terrible life to the class. He remembered how the teacher gave him an F because she didn’t think any of that stuff happened to him.

    When class had ended, Gene decided to go and talk to Mr. Fredrick privately. Gene requested that he do a different project because he didn’t think that the kids in class should witness the life Gene lives.

    Mr. Fredrick sort of understood, but at the same time could also see something different in Gene’s eyes then he had ever saw before. Mr. Fredrick came up with a fair compromise. Gene would still have to do the project, but he would not have to show it to the classroom. Mr. Fredrick would simply watch it on his own. Gene thought that, that was a fair compromise and left class to continue the rest of his day.

    After school, Gene was waiting for his mother to come pick him up, when suddenly, a rock his Gene in the back. Gene quickly turned around to see that it was Henry. Henry was a senior this year and was more terrifying then he ever had been. Gene usually was good about taking Henry’s shit, but this time, a new anger was building up inside of him.

    Gene turned around and stormed to Henry. He punched Henry right across the face. Henry fell to the ground, in pain. Gene didn’t know that he could punch that hard. Gene decided to use this opportunity to put it in his film. Gene quickly pulled out the camera that Mr. Fredrick gave to each of the students and filmed Henry on the ground crying.

“This is the almighty Henry Rollins,” Gene exclaimed out loud.

“I’m going to get you tomorrow you little piece of shit!” Henry screamed out in pain.

    Gene knew that he would probably be dead tomorrow, but he wanted to get the opportunity to enjoy this moment while he still could.

    Gene’s mother pulled up in a car next to him. Marie rolled down the window and asked Gene what he had done. There was no way to get out of it, and Gene knew that he would probably be beaten at least once before the end of the night. So Gene told Marie that he had beaten Henry up out of self-defense.

    Marie was infuriated. When Gene got in the car, she began to beat him. Unfortunately Marie didn’t know that Gene’s camera hadn’t stopped rolling and all of this was being caught on tape.

* * *

    When the two got home, Marie made Gene go through a special ceremony and then sent him up to his room. The entire time this happened, the camera continued to role. When Gene was all alone in his room, he looked at the footage he got, and thought that it was perfect. He edited it on his computer software and was able to make a decent recording of his unspeakable life.

    Gene then ate his dinner and went to bed. The next morning, Gene woke up and saw that his recording was no longer on his computer. Gene asked his mother if she had deleted it. She said that she did, she had snuck into his room during the night and checked his computer. Marie then told Gene that their personal life was private. Gene then yelled at her, telling her that it isn’t when she is constantly beating him in public. After Gene said this, Marie did the usual thing and beat him.

    Luckily for Gene, Marie did not delete the recording on the camera itself. He would just have to show the recording to Mr. Fredrick from it. Gene was actually kind of excited to show his favorite teacher this video. He was anticipated to show someone else what he was going through.

    When he got to the school, he immediately went to Mr. Fredrick’s room. He showed his teacher the disturbing video from the camera. After it was done, Mr. Frederick and Gene had a pretty long talk about the whole affair.

“You know Gene, I’m usually supposed to report when a parent is beating a child,” Mr. Fredrick said.

“They won’t do anything. My mother would find some loop hole in the lawsuit and get me back,” Gene replied sternly.

“I’m not supposed to encourage this, but can you run away anywhere, an older sibling maybe?” Mr. Fredrick asked, worried.

“My only sibling is dead.” Gene replied. There was a sense of unease in the room. Mr. Fredrick broke the silence.

“Well I guess the only thing I have left to say is that if anything ever gets to be too much, you can come talk to me,” Mr. Fredrick said, almost tenderly.

“Thanks, but I’m pretty strong emotionally,” Gene said with confidence, it was quickly shot down.

“It doesn’t seem it by the looks of those slits on your arm,” Mr. Fredrick pointed out. Gene quickly covered his clearly showing cuts on his wrist. “I’m not going to try to stop you Gene. Dealing with all of that is a tough thing, and if doing harm to yourself makes you feel better, then I guess I shouldn’t stop you.”

    Gene smiled. There were a couple of other people (including his mother) who new about his situation of doing physical harm to himself. All these people would constantly try to stop him. Mr. Fredrick was the first one to ever understand. This is why Gene liked him so much. Because Mr. Fredrick was real.

“If you don’t mind me asking, where is your father?” Mr. Fredrick asked.

“I don’t know who my father is.” Gene replied sternly. “My mother always told me that I was immaculately conceived. I think that it is all bullshit.”

“I can see why,” Mr. Fredrick agreed. “Like I said before Gene, if you need anyone to talk to, I am here.”

    Gene thanked him and then dismissed himself from the classroom. He continued with the rest of the day as if it were normal. When school ended, he left the building and waited for his mother to pick him up. This is when Gene suddenly was punched in the side of the head and was knocked out cold.

* * *

    When Gene came to, he was covered in blood. And his head hurt like hell. Gene saw that he was in an alleyway. It was extremely cold. He was laying beside a large garbage dumpster. The pain in his head increased and the burning sensation was unbearable. Gene felt his head and felt a giant gash. Briefly he could feel the boney feeling of his skull.

    When this happened, Gene started to cry. Gene usually didn’t cry. He was good about hiding his sadness. Sadness usually encouraged the bullies to do their acts even more. But this time, the pain hurt. And it hurt really bad. And Gene knew immediately who had inflicted the pain onto him.


    Gene was used to Henry harassing him, but this time he had gone too far. Gene staggered the way down the alleyway, before he passed out again from the pain.

* * *

    When Gene came to for a second time, he was no longer outside in an alleyway. He was in a nice cozy room. Gene could feel a tight feeling around his head. Gene knew that it was a bandage. But Gene couldn’t figure out where he was.

    At that moment, a man walked into the room. He was a man who looked like he was in his mid thirties. He was looking intently at Gene.

“You’re up,” the mysterious man said, still examining Gene. Gene was able to find some strength to speak.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Gene asked, he found it very difficult.

“Try not to talk too much. Whoever did this punctured your trachea. I was able to heal it but, it is still very weak. I’ll explain everything to you, I promise,” the man explained. The man sat in a nearby armchair. He picked up a cup that looked like it contained tea. He gave the cup to Gene. “Drink this,” he instructed. Gene did so and drank it slowly. He could already feel a difference in the pain in his throat.

    The man then began to explain himself. “My name is Ryan Michaels. I’m a holistic doctor. People say that the way I do things is unorthodox. I don’t believe in drugs. I think there are natural remedies that can be used to treat people. What you are drinking right now is a mixture of mint leafs, aloe, carbonated water, and alligator urine.” The second Ryan said this, Gene began to cough up the strange mixture.

“Relax,” Ryan said. “It may sound gross, but there is nothing in there that will harm you. It works, trust me.” Gene began to calm down a little bit. He continued to drink it.

    Ryan continued on about him. “I was on my way home from work, when I saw you at the edge of an alleyway. I brought you home and fixed you up. You got an injury in the head and a puncture in the throat. Nothing life threatening. Do you have anyone that I can call to tell that you are here? Just nod yes or no.”

    Gene nodded his head. Ryan handed him a pad of paper to write down the number. Gene wrote down his mother’s phone number and handed it to the doctor. Ryan proceeded in dialing the number. Gene heard the doctor talk to his mother for a few minutes. He could here his mother yelling from the other line. Ryan tried to calm her down, but it was clear that she hung up on him before he could say anything.

“Some mother you got there,” Ryan laughed. Gene laughed a little to.

    The two talked about some other thing like school and life in general. Gene didn’t really open up to the guy too much. He didn’t know him that well. Gene just told him the basic stuff. But Gene had a strange feeling about the guy. There was something not adding up in this situation. A doctor just happened to stumble upon a dying kid. Gene began to wonder if this Ryan had been watching it all. Like he planned to be there to see the event. After about a half an hour of talking, Marie finally showed up. She was freaking out. Marie ran to Gene’s side. She began to undo all of the wires that were hooked to him, measuring his hear beat.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Ms. Emmerich,” Ryan said sternly.

Marie gave him a stink eye. “Don’t you dare tell me what I can do and cannot do.”

“I can bring him to the hospital if you would like to,” Ryan suggested.

“Sorry Dr. Michaels, but God is the only one who can fix this,” Marie exclaimed.

And with that, Marie violently pulled Gene from the bed, and dragged him out of the house.

* * *

    When they got home, Marie began to beat Gene for going to such a strange man’s house. Gene tried to explain to her what happened. But she refused to listen. She continued beating him. While she was, Gene began to get extremely infuriated. He had it with this bitch. He had it with the way she treated him. Before Marie could give another blow to Gene, Gene shoved Marie. Marie then went into shock as to what just happened. Gene then began to beat his mother. Marie didn’t know what to do. So she just started throwing punches as well, but Gene was just a tad bit stronger then her. He gave a really good shove. Marie toppled over the table, broke all of the candles that were on top of it, and bashed her head through the thin wall.

    Gene examined his mother. She wasn’t dead. She was just unconscious, but she wouldn’t be for long. Gene quickly ran up to his room and began to pack a suitcase full of clothes and food. As he was doing this, tears were flowing from his eyes. So much was going through his mind, but there was one thing that he kept thinking about. He wanted to know who his dad was. He wanted to know that way he could beat the shit out of him for ever raping his mother and bringing him into the world.

    Gene finished packing his suitcase and stormed out of his house, leaving the unconscious, catholic woman behind.

* * *

    Gene hadn’t really thought everything through before running away. So he didn’t have a plan. Gene decided to go to the park first. The park was where most homeless people lived, and since he was homeless now, he thought it was fitting.

    When Gene got to the park he found a spot in the bushes to sleep for the night. He laid himself down and tried to go to sleep. Before he could fully fall asleep, he heard a voice that made him chill to the bone. It was Henry.

    He was nearby and Gene was afraid. He had never been as afraid of Henry as he was now, because now; Gene knew what Henry was capable of. Gene poked his head out from the bushes and saw that Henry was over with a bunch of his friends smoking cigarettes near the river.

    There was a part of Gene that wanted to stay and hide in the bushes, but there was another part of him that wanted to fight. Gene never was a fighter, except for tonight. Gene had already beat up his mother. So why couldn’t he beat up a douche bag who didn’t matter to him? Gene emerged from the bushes and stormed over to the group of teenagers. Henry had a look of disbelief, but it quickly was replaced with a smirk.

“Well look who came back from the dead,” Henry laughed. The other boys laughed with him. “I thought we finished you off for a few moments.”

“Well, I’m tougher then you think,” Gene replied passionately.

“Is that so,” Henry smirked. “Get him boys.”

Gene was quickly grabbed by two of Henry’s pals.

“Why don’t we let our little friend go for a swim in the river,” Henry smiled.

    Gene quickly began to panic. Henry was actually trying to kill him, just for a little punch in the mouth. Henry’s friends began to drag Gene toward the river. Henry smiled as he watched the events unfold. The guys forced Gene down to his knees. The guys shoved Gene’s head into the roaring water of the river. Gene could feel the water rushing into his body and his head wound. Gene had to take action fast. He kicked one of the boys in the head and was able to get his head from the water. He punched another one of the guys in the chest and pulled from the other man’s grasp. Gene fought with them for a few minutes, and was somehow able to knock them to the ground in pain.

    When Gene turned around to take down Henry, he was gone. Gene knew that he wasn’t far, and Gene wanted revenge. Henry had made his life a living shit the past three years, and Gene has had it. Gene began to scope the park, looking for the douche bag.. Gene searched his hiding place for when he first showed up at the park and then searched the playground. He was near the statue at the center of the park, when Henry jumped out at him with a knife. Henry took a few swings at Gene, and then he stopped. He stopped because somebody was pointing a gun at him. It was Mr. Fredrick holding the gun.

“Hey, if you know what good for you, I suggest you beat it,” Mr. Fredrick yelled at Henry. Henry quickly dropped the knife and ran away. Mr. Fredrick walked over and picked up the knife. Gene was very concerned.

“Were you really going to shoot him?” Gene asked, concerned.

“Of course not. This gun was a prop from the modern day version of Macbeth that I directed.” Mr. Fredrick explained.

“Why are you here?” Gene asked.

“Because I heard you ran away. The police notified all of your teachers. They are after you, you know,” Mr. Fredrick said sternly.

“I’m not surprised. Are you here to bring me back home?” Gene asked.

“No. I’m just here to see if you are alright,” Mr. Fredrick answered with a smile. “And I guess I got here at a pretty damn good time.”

Gene laughed at this and then frowned.

“I want to know who my father is,” Gene said.

“Do you have any ideas on who it might be?” Mr. Fredrick asked with a serious tone.

“Yeah. I do actually. Earlier today, I was beat up by Henry really bad. I was assisted by this holistic doctor named Ryan,” Gene explained.

“What makes you thin he is your father?” Mr. Fredrick asked curiously.

“He’s got the same brown curly hair that I do. And from the looks of it, we have a very similar appearance. Not only that, but how the hell did he know where I was. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that he just stumbled upon me,” Gene explained even more.

“Well what do you expect to do about it?” Mr. Fredrick asked.

“I need a ride over there. That way I can talk to him myself. Can you give me a ride Mr. Fredrick?” Gene asked.

“Of course I can.” Mr. Fredrick replied with a smile.

    Mr. Fredrick then led Gene to his car. They drove away from the park to the east side of Rochester, NH. On their way to the house they drove past the alleyway Gene woke up in earlier that day. His head still ached a little from the pain. Mr. Fredrick then pulled into the supposed father of Eugene Emmerich. Gene sat their for a moment wondering what to do.

“I’m going to go in there with you.” Mr. Fredrick said, breaking the silence.

“No, I need to do this alone,” Gene replied sharply.

“Gene, if he hurts you, I am going to be responsible; and I cannot have that on my plate.” Mr. Fredrick explained tenderly.

“Fine, but I should probably warn you. Things may get a little rough.” Gene said in a very serious tone.

    Gene got out of the passenger side of the car. Mr. Fredrick followed behind him. Gene barged into the front door and saw that the house was empty. But he was their. Gene could feel it. Gene began desperately searching the house for the man believed to be Gene’s father. Gene carefully examined the living room, the kitchen, and the room that Gene stayed in. Suddenly, out of no where, Ryan appeared from a small room that Gene didn’t notice.

“Gene, what are you doing here?” Ryan asked, very confused.

“Are you my father?” Gene asked.

“What? What are you talking about?” Ryan asked extremely confused now, he now turned his attention to Mr. Fredrick. “Who are you.”

“He’s no one. Answer my god damn question,” Gene said, very serious.

“I’ve never wanted a child. I’ve never even been sexually active,” Ryan explained.

“Bullshit,” Gene snapped back. “I bet you raped my mother while she was at her bible meet.”

“I’m an atheist. A bible meet would be the last place I want to go,” Ryan explained further.

“That wouldn’t stop you from raping somebody that happened to be in the same hotel as you,” Gene accused.

“Where would you even come up with such a crazy idea that I would be your father?” Ryan asked in disbelief.

“The fact that you just happened to stumble across my unconscious body sounds a little bit more then a coincidence if you ask me,” Gene explained with anger behind his voice.

“I was walking home from work and saw your body on the sidewalk. I wasn’t going to let you die, plus I had all of the supplies at home necessary to save your life,” Ryan explained in disbelief that he would ever be accused of something so awful.

    While this whole dispute was going on, Mr. Fredrick stood a distance and watched in disbelief. This was a side of Gene he had never seen before. This was a rebellious Gene. This was a violent Gene. Mr. Fredrick decided that he needed to put an end to the argument before it got out of control.

“Gene, it’s obvious that this man is not your father. Let me just take you home,” Mr. Fredrick said, interrupting the argument.

“I swear he is my father!” Gene cried out with tears in his eyes.

“Gene, we’re wasting time. Lets go now!” Mr. Fredrick yelled in a demanding voice.

    Gene stood there for a few more seconds. He then threw a punch to the side of Ryan’s head and knocked him out. Mr. Fredrick stood there in shock.

“What the hell did you do that for?” Mr. Fredrick asked in disbelief.

“This asshole deserved what he got, for bringing me into this god damn world when I didn’t even ask for it,” Gene explained with tears in his eyes.

“Gene, you don’t even know if he is your father or not!” Mr. Fredrick yelled.

“And what makes you say that?” Gene asked with a sense of pride behind his voice.

“Because I am your father Gene!” Mr. Fredrick yelled.

    There was a long and eerie silence in the room as Gene looked at his father. At first Gene didn’t want to believe it. Then he could clearly see the resemblance. Mr. Fredrick had the same nose, and eyes, and even had some patches of light brown hair in the midst of all of the gray on his head.

    Gene stood for a long moment and then suddenly charged at his father. He began throwing punches and kicks. Mr. Fredrick didn’t fight back. He understood why his son was beating him up. After about five minutes of kicking and screaming, Gene gave up. Exhausted, Gene sat down on the nearby couch; catching his breath. Mr. Fredrick sat in a chair across from him.

“I’m sorry Ge-”

“Just shut up!” Gene interrupted his father. “Why would you even rape someone. You don’t seem to be the kind of guy that would rape someone!”

“I was in my later years of college Gene. I had joined a cult that forced me to do it or else!” Mr. Fredrick said as tears began to fill up in his eyes.

“So you were hazed!” Gene cried. “ I was created during a stupid hazing prank!”

“I didn’t mean for any of it to happen Gene. I was protected, honestly. Thing just must have gone wrong. I wasn’t really thinking straight. Who would think straight while raping someone!” Mr. Fredrick explained, now fully crying.

“I never asked for this. I never asked to be a part of this world, and neither did my mom. But you came along and now everything is fucked up! My mother thinks I am a work of the devil, I get constantly harassed by bullies, and I never knew who my father was for sixteen years. And now to realize that he was my eleventh grade English teacher all along really screws a person up,” Gene said, bawling his eyes out.

    Gene dropped his head to his lap, crying. Mr. Fredrick walked over and tried to comfort Gene, but Gene only shooed him away.

“Listen Gene, after I had raped your mother, I wanted to kill her. I had realized that I had probably knocked her up. I had the opportunity to. She was right there in front of me, naked. But there was something inside of me that was telling me not to do it. I listened to the voice and left the room before she woke up. I ran away to California. While I was out there I found a dead woman on the side of the rode. When I found her, I gave her body to the authorities, then I requested info on the family of the woman. When I found out that she was the half sister of my son, my heart wrenched. I decided that I wanted to be a part of your life. So I came out here to New Hampshire, became a teacher, and made arrangements for you to be in my class. I’m sorry that any of this had to happen Gene. But I wanted things to be different. I want to be a part of your life now.” Mr. Fredrick explained.

“Screw that. I don’t want you in my life. I want you out of my life,” Gene snapped back sharply. It was obvious that this broke Mr. Fredrick’s heart.

“Gene, if I leave, you have to understand that I will never come back,” Mr. Fredrick said to Gene, now much more calm.

“I understand, and I want you gone. I don’t want to go back to school Monday knowing that my father is the one teaching me,” Gene said. “I just want you out of my life you asshole!”

“I suppose I understand. Who wants to have a complete douche bag in their life,” Mr. Fredrick said to himself with a frown. “Can I at least give you a ride home?”

    Gene agreed to this and kept a distance from his father as they walked to his car. Gene got into the passenger seat in the truck and avoided any eye contact with his father.

* * *

    While driving home, the car hit a bump. Gene briefly was lifted from his seat. His leg tapped the button that opened up the glove box over the passenger seat. The glove box opened, revealing a bunch of small pieces of paper with and written messages on them. Gene grabbed one of them and examined it carefully. There were only two words on the paper, but these two words made Gene shiver to the bone. The message written on the paper was Hail Xavier. Gene read these two words over and over again. Xavier was the same exact person that his sister referred to, during Gene’s paranormal experience. But who was he?

“Who’s Xavier?” Gene asked the man driving the car.

“He’s nobody,” Mr. Fredrick replied with no emotion.

“He’s obviously somebody if you’re talking about hailing him,” Gene snapped back.

“I wrote that a long time ago Gene,” Mr. Fredrick said.

“Mr. Fredrick, the very last word I heard my sister tell me was Xavier is you, who is Xavier?” Gene asked more demanding.

“Your sister said that?” Mr. Fredrick asked curiously.

“Yes, and she disappeared before I could get an answer from her,” Gene explained.

“The explaining behind Xavier is not important at this moment. Right now you need to worry about what you’re going to tell your mother when you walk into your house,” Mr. Fredrick pointed out. Gene looked out his window to see that they were in front of Marie’s house. Mr. Fredrick frowned. “I suppose I won’t see you again, since you don’t want me in your life. Can I at least have a hug?”

“No,” Gene snapped back rudely.

“Well then I wish you the best luck in the future, and if our paths ever meet again, I hope you will be ready to talk,” Mr. Fredrick said.

    After his father said this, Gene got out of the car and watched as his father drove away and turned a corner in the distance. Gene didn’t know whether he would see his father again or not. Gene felt a brief feeling of regret that he didn’t give him one last hug. But Gene put it to the side and came back to the present.

    Gene turned around and began to walk toward the house where he had spent most of his life. Gene knew that the second he walked through those doors, his life would become the living hell it had been, maybe even worse. But Gene was ready for anything to come at him after tonight. Gene walked through the front doors, returning to the life he had briefly left a few hours ago.

    Gene would later die in a fire.

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