The Ballad of Eugene Emmerich Vol. 1

Eugene Emmerich lives under mysterious circumstances. Starting from his birth, his life has been nothing but a chain of questions that never seem to get answered. But when Eugene enters his later years in high school and early years of college, he is bound and determined to get his questions answered. As Eugene investigates his life's mysteries, he soon learns more then he ever wanted. And Eugene will soon find out that too much knowledge on one's life, can lead to deadly consequences.

Work in process.


1. E

    The boy’s name was Eugene Emmerich. Most people would call him Gene. Gene was not like the other kids in his school. Gene was the kind of person that would talk to himself during recess, and would hear voices inside his head during class. But Gene did not have a disorder, he was not sick, he did not have issues. The source of these strange things is something more then that; much, much more.

    As Gene went into his high school years, he became very anti-social, and kids picked on him for this. After school, bullies would beat him up and Gene would usually sit there and take it.

    But this time, Gene was running. And he was running fast. He was not running from bullies though. He was running from something far worst and terrifying. But in order to understand what this thing is, we must go back to the beginning of Gene’s life. Starting with his birth.

* * *

    Marie Emmerich was being rushed to the hospital to deliver her second child. She went into labor while praying the Our Father during Sunday mass. Marie was extremely catholic and the child she was about to give birth to was an accident.

   Marie had been down in Florida with her bible group on a national meet. After the final conference a huge dinner was given to all of the people. Marie had sat down at her table and made acquaintances with the other people at the table. She then ordered a glass of champagne and talked with her table buddies. The drink came out, and when she drank it, she immediately felt sick. She ran into a nearby bathroom and threw up. After this, she passed out.

    When Marie came to, she was in her bed in her hotel room. She had no clue how she had gotten there in the first place. She just assumed that the champagne had tainted ingredients and one of the hotel employees politely helped her to her room. After she came to this conclusion, she packed her bags and returned to New Hampshire to her loving husband and four year old daughter.

    About three months had passed since this incident when Marie noticed that something was wrong with her. She was having strange food addictions and felt sick all the time. Marie knew that these were the side effects of pregnancy. She just didn’t want to jump to conclusions. She decided to get a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Marie began to panic when this had happened. Her and her husband were not sexually active and were not trying to have a baby. She had no clue how she had gotten pregnant. After much investigation and contemplation, Marie came to the conclusion that she had been drugged and raped.

    She didn’t know how to tell her husband or even if her husband would believe her. Marie sat him down one night and broke the news to him. Her husband did not believe her at all. He immediately assumed that she was cheating on him. He left the next morning leaving behind his ex-wife and daughter.

    Marie was crushed by this incident and immediately fell into a depression. She would sometimes sit in her room and cry until it was nighttime. She even went as far as doing physical harm to herself.

    She came out of this depression one day when she realized something. Maybe there was a possibility that she was not raped. Marie immediately began to think that she was immaculately conceived. She came to the conclusion that she was going to give birth to the messiah and it would be the second coming.

    When she came to this conclusion, she immediately turned to god and became more religious then she ever had been. She would go to church everyday. She turned her entire life toward Jesus and God.

    She had been saying the Our Father one day during her many church visits, when she went into labor. She was quickly rushed to the hospital and into the delivery room. The delivery had lasted about a half an hour. When it was over, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Eugene.

* * *

    In Gene’s infant years, his brain developed at an average pace for an infant. He learned how to speak different words and grew quite fond of his older sister’s company. His sister’s name was Catherine Emmerich. Catherine seemed like your average happy girl. But she had a lot more anger and hatred then it appeared.

    Gene was put into daycare with the other children and made friendships with different people. At home, Marie treated him like a symbolic figure. In public, he seemed like your average infant baby. But as soon as he hit the age of four, everything changed.

    On Gene’s fourth birthday, Marie thought that it was time for Gene to perform his first miracle as the messiah. When this request failed miserably, Marie became frustrated and she started abusing her son. Child services were notified about this and immediately took Gene and Catherine away from Marie. The four year old and the eight year old were given over to Marie’s sister Corrine, who was more catholic than her sister.

    The whole change had a huge impact on the children. Gene still loved his mother even though she had abused him. Marie was Catherine’s mother and her best friend. She felt like her mother had abandoned her.

    After about a year after the move, Catherine became Goth and Gene changed in a way that no one could describe. Gene didn’t like to talk to anyone. The only person that Gene ever talked to was his imaginary friend, Ralph. Corrine tried to break Gene from this awful habit of talking to no one. But it only got worse. He would play with this fake person, and whenever sat down to have a meal, Gene would have a special seat for Ralph. Unfortunately, Corrine didn’t know that Ralph was real; and he would be the main cause of the family’s downfall.

    When Gene was six, Corrine enrolled him into a catholic elementary school. Gene felt like he didn’t fit in at all. He was making no friends. It didn’t really bother him that much. At least he still had Ralph to talk to and play with during recess.

    Teachers at the school were very concerned about Gene’s behavior. They had a private conference with Corrine, telling her that Gene should have some therapy. Corrine agreed to this and hired a therapist for Gene.

    During therapy, the therapist would ask Gene about his experiences at school. The therapist would also frequently ask about Ralph. Gene would never seem to tell the therapist what she wanted to know. So one day, she took a different approach. The therapist had Gene draw a picture of his family. Gene drew a picture of himself, Catherine, Marie, Corrine, and an angel. When the therapist asked who the angel was, Gene told her that it was his father. He then told the therapist that Marie always told him that he was the son of God. The therapist immediately knew what the issue was.

    She told Corrine that Gene needed to get in touch with his father. Corrine told the therapist that they had no clue who the father was. That was when the therapist recommended that Gene get in touch with Marie’s ex-husband. After hearing this, Corrine quickly did her research and discovered that he was living in Virginia.

    Corrine took Gene down to Virginia, hoping that Marie’s husband would be willing to see him. They arrived at his house and knocked on the door. Instead of a man answering the door, a woman answered. Corrine asked to see him. The woman said that he was at work and would be home in a few minutes.

    The woman invited the two in and told them that they were welcomed to make themselves at home. Corrine asked who the woman was. The woman replied that she was Jack’s wife. Jack was the name of Marie’s ex-husband. When she said this, the front door opened. Jack walked in and saw the two, he immediately left the house. The woman quickly chased after him and brought him back into the house. She left the room to let them talk privately.

    Jack asked Corrine what she was doing here. Corrine told him that Gene was Marie’s son. Jack looked at him, and back at Corrine. Before he could say anything, Gene asked Jack if he was his father. Jack replied that he was not. Gene had no interest in him and politely dismissed himself from the house.

* * *

   On the way back home, Corrine decided to stop at a drugstore to pick up some food items. When she was checking out, she decided to get two lottery tickets. She went back to the car and turned on the radio to the station where they were doing the drawings. They said the numbers: 4, 6, 17, 21, 25, 60.

    Corrine looked at the first ticket.


    She then looked at the second ticket.

    An exact match.

    At first, Corrine didn’t believe it. Then she screamed and got excited. She hugged Gene and then called all of her friends to tell them.

    The first thing Corrine did with the money was pay off all of her bills. The second thing she did was buy a new house. The third thing she did was pay off all the bills of that house. The final thing she did was pay off her sister’s lawsuit and gave her custody of the children. By the time this happened, Gene was eight and Catherine was eleven.

    Gene didn’t remember Marie that much. All he remembered was that he had loved her. Unfortunately, she still had that crazy thought in her head that her son was the messiah. She continued to treat him the way she had before.

    Catherine remembered Marie too well, and didn’t want to be a part of her life at all. She was more Goth then ever. She was dating strange men and doing strange drugs. She had lost her virginity when she was fourteen and didn’t think that she was pregnant. But she was. And she didn’t know it. Just like her mother.

* * *

    It wasn’t long before Marie soon found out about Ralph. She did not approve of it one bit. She would constantly tell Gene that Ralph was not real.

    Gene didn’t take to this too well. Every time Marie told him this, he and her would get into a very heated conversation. These “conversations” would always end in a beating.

    Gene’s outlook on his mother became worse and worse as he got older. He would always sneak out at night just to get away from her. He had no friends to hang out with, so he would sit in dark alleyways all alone.

    One night, Marie caught her son doing this. A very heated argument broke out. It ended with Marie beating Gene so bad, that Gene got a concussion.

    For the next few days, Gene would spend his time recovering from the affair. In his time of recovery, Gene began to seriously think about whether Ralph was real or not. Ralph always appeared to be real but nobody could see him. Maybe there was something wrong with him. After thinking about this for a long time, Gene came to the conclusion that there was no Ralph. Ralph was just an imaginary friend that he needed to let go of. From that day on, Ralph would no longer be a part of his life. Ralph would not return into his subconscious until Gene had a husband and two children. Gene was ten when he let go of Ralph.

* * *

    Catherine was beginning to notice that there was something wrong with her. She was having some very strange food addictions and seemed to always be getting sick. Marie was expecting the worse. Marie had been through all of that herself and new it was not a pleasant time.

    Marie went out and bought Catherine a pregnancy test. It came back positive. Marie immediately accused Catherine of pre-marital sex. Catherine didn’t deny it. After a very heated argument, Marie did the worst thing any parent could do. At the age of fifteen, Catherine was kicked out of the house and had to live on the street.

   Gene didn’t take to this lightly. He loved his sister. She was the only one he could talk to. She was his friend. Gene began to sneak out of the house and visit his sister. He would bring her food and they would sit inside the alleyway and talk about how much life sucked.

    Gene would ask Catherine how the baby was doing. Catherine would always say that it was fine, but Gene was not convinced. He believed that the baby was not alive due to the amount of alcohol that Catherine consumed.

    One night, during one of Gene’s many visits, Catherine thought that it was time for Gene to meet the baby’s father. Catherine brought Gene to an old, run down house. Catherine knocked on the door. A young guy that looked like he was about nineteen answered the door. He was drinking a can of beer. He invited them inside. The man introduced himself to Gene as Herman. Herman was the father of the child and Catherine’s boyfriend.

    From the looks of it, Herman looked like a rough guy. But he had a nice personality. But Gene could not get over the fact of why his fifteen year old sister would be with a nineteen year old. After they left Herman’s house, Gene asked her this. When he did, Catherine freaked out at him. They got into a heated argument. After they finished, Gene would not visit his sister again.

* * *

    When Gene was 12 and 13, life changed drastically. Gene began to have sexual desires. He had never been taught about how to deal with these things, because his mother always told him that these desires were forbidden. Right around the time when Gene turned fourteen, he stumbled upon porn. He didn’t know how to respond to it. He had never seen anything like it before. Soon, Gene became very addicted to it. He would watch it every night. He would get the greatest feel from it.

    When Marie found out what he was doing, she beat him, gave him another concussion and got rid of his laptop.

* * *

    When Gene began high school, he didn’t know how to take it, he was extremely frightened as well. He had watched different movies about high school that made it look like a scary place. Marie dropped him off and reminded him to do the rosary at lunch, then she drove away, leaving Gene to go through what would be the most difficult four years of his life.

    Gene hadn’t been in the school for five minutes, when he was shoved against a locker. The guy who shoved him was Henry Rollins. He was one year ahead of Gene. Henry smirked at him, then he shoved Gene onto the ground and walked away. It was not a good way to start the year.

    Gene went to his first class and was already assigned a project. He had to write a paper about his life and family. This was when Gene started to seriously miss his sister. Catherine probably had her baby by now and Gene was probably and uncle. But Gene hadn’t talked to her since their very heated argument two years before. When Gene got home, he went on Facebook and tried to get a hold of Catherine. Unfortunately, her Facebook profile no longer existed and he could not find her any where on the internet.

    Gene then began working on his paper for English Class about his life and family. He wrote about how he was immaculately conceived and about how he lived with his aunt for a while because child services forced him to. He wrote about Ralph and the concussion that forced him to let go of Ralph. He finally wrote about how his sister got pregnant at fifteen to a nineteen year old.

    When Gene finished writing all of this, he thought that it was perfect. He practiced reciting it for when he had to present it in class. He went through it three times before he decided that he was ready.

    The next day, Gene presented it to the class. When he began reading it, the whole class went into shock. They didn’t know how to take it. When Gene finished the class remained in shock. When the period ended, the teacher wanted him to stay after class so she could talk to him.

    The teacher told him that what he said really frightened the class. She also said that the assignment was to write about your life, not to produce a fiction story. Gene told the teacher that everything in his paper WAS true. The teacher didn’t believe him, and gave him an F for the assignment. Well, Marie found this out and the situation ended in yet another beating.

* * *

    Toward the end of Freshman year, life had changed a lot for Gene. After the whole situation with the paper, people were afraid of Gene. So Gene became an anti-social outcast.

    Gene’s situation with Henry didn’t get better either. Henry would constantly harass him. Sometimes it was verbally, sometimes it was physically. At one point, the bullying became too much for Gene. He began slitting his wrists and doing physical harm to himself. He was beginning to follow the same path as his sister.

    He would stay this way until he found the love of his life.

* * *

    In this time, Marie had lost all hope that her son was the messiah. This brought up the old situation going back to before Gene was born. Marie went back to the conclusion that she was drugged and raped during her bible meet. But who was the one that did it?

    Marie came to the conclusion that it was a stranger and that the identity of Gene’s father would forever remain a mystery (this would not be the case). After Marie came to this conclusion, she began to lay off of Gene about performing miracles. This would last about two days.

    Marie and Gene were walking through the mall. At this point, Gene became very anti-social (Marie refused to acknowledge it). They were going down an escalator. A woman was being chased by four men. Gene didn’t know why, but there was something inside of him that was telling him to take action.

    He shoved past people and began to chase the thugs. He followed them all the way up to the roof. There, they were no longer chasing the woman, but they were going through her purse. Gene quickly tackled one to the ground. But there were too many of them. They grabbed Gene and threw him off the side of the mall.

* * *

    Gene suffered three broken ribs; a broken arm, leg, collar bone; and another concussion. It would take him six months of physical therapy before he could fully recover. A total of three people came to visit him in these six months. Each visit was very significant.

    The first visitor was a very unlikely one. It was Herman, the man who was conceived with his sister. At this point, Gene just turned 15 and Herman was 23. The conversation between the two went as followed:

Herman: Hello Gene.

Gene: What are you doing here?

Herman: I’m just visiting my brother in law.

Gene: You’re married to Catherine?

Herman: Well-yes, but she moved out. I don’t know where she is now. But she took the baby.

Gene: She had the baby?! Was it healthy?

Herman: Of course it was. It was a healthy baby girl.

Gene: What’s her name?

Herman: Sydney.

Gene: And Catherine has her?

Herman: Yes, of course.

    The two talked about a couple of other stuff, then Herman dismissed himself.

    The second visit was from Gene’s mother, Marie. She walked in holding a cross. She seemed somewhat frightened. She slowly approached the bed. The conversation went as followed:

Marie: Hello Eugene.

Gene: Hello mother.

Marie: I brought this cross for you, I though it would brighten up the room.

Gene: Thank you.

Marie: What the hell happened in the mall Eugene!

Gene: A woman was being chased. I wasn’t going to stand aside and do nothing!

Marie: A disaster like that is a work of God!

Gene: Oh my God! That’s all you ever say! Screw God!

At this point, Marie became very frightened. And slowly began to back away.

Marie: I knew it!

Gene: Knew what!

Marie: You’re a work of the devil.

Gene: What?!

Marie: I was wrong when I accused you of being the messiah. But I am sure that I am right when I say that the devil plagued me with you.

Gene: You’re out of your freakin mind!

Marie: Don’t worry Eugene. I’m not going to make the same mistake that I did with your sister. I’m going to let you stay in the house because I am a nice person. But, every night we will be doing a special ritual to get that evil entity out of you.

    And before Gene could say anything, Marie left the room leaving the cross behind.

    The next visit was the most significant visit for Gene. It was from the woman that was being chased by the men. She was holding a bouquet of flowers. The conversation went as followed:

Gene: It’s you.

Woman: Yes. I came by to say thank you for your effort. The four men were caught.

Gene: It’s no problem. Why were they chasing you?

Woman: They wanted my purse.

Gene: It seemed like they wanted your purse pretty bad.

Woman: Well I guess you can say that I had something valuable inside.

Gene: What was it?

Woman: I don’t think that is any of your business.

After this, there was a long awkward pause.

Woman: Well I have to go.

Gene: Wait. What’s your name?

Woman: Velma.

    And with that, Velma left. Gene thought that it would be the last time he saw her. But Velma would soon become a vital key in Gene’s future. And his death.

* * *

    After Gene got out, he immediately had to start his sophomore year of high school. Every day he would get beat up by Henry. When he would return home, he would be forced to go through many ceremonies involving candles to get the supposed “entity” from him.

    The day that would change Gene’s life forever, started like any other day. Gene woke up, cleaned the blood off of him from cutting himself the night before, and left to go to school. As Gene walked to school, he put his I-Pod in and began blaring the screamo he usually listened to. He showed up at school, got his usual wuppin from Henry and went about his day.

    After school was when everything started to go wrong. Gene was sitting on a bench outside of the school, listening to his I- Pod, when out of the blue; his SISTER sat right next to him. Gene went into immediate shock. He hadn’t seen her in 4 years. But what made her want to meet up?

    Catherine greeted him and asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch with her. Gene immediately said yes. They got up and walked down to a nearby café. Gene tried to talk about Catherine’s baby, but Catherine didn’t seem to want to talk about her.

    Gene and Catherine had just finished their meal, when Catherine had to go to the bathroom. While Gene waited for her to come back, he got a call from his mother. Marie was crying on the phone. Gene asked what was wrong (He would never forget what his mother told him next). Marie replied that Catherine was dead. They found her body an hour ago on the side of the road in San Francisco. San Francisco was 3,000 miles from the café Gene was sitting in.

    At first Gene was confused. Then he was in denial. He told himself that it was a mistake. They hadn’t found Catherine, and it was all a big mistake. But there was something inside of him, telling him that it was all true.

    The woman who Gene used to think was Catherine, returned from the bathroom. Before she could say anything, Gene quickly got up and dashed out of the restaurant. This is when he began to run really fast.

* * *

    This brings us back to the beginning, with Gene running away from the awful thing. Gene was more afraid of this thing then anything else he has come in contact with; Henry, his mother, the stupid thugs in the mall; he was more afraid then any of those times.

    Gene ran through all of the people that crowded the sidewalks. Gene took a left, then a right, then another left before tuning into and alleyway with a dead end. Gene turned around to try and escape. But it was too late. The mysterious thing that took the disguise of his sister had trapped him in the alleyway. This was when Gene got a new feeling. It wasn’t fear. It was a realization. What if it was Catherine’s ghost that was trapping him in the alleyway? What if it wasn’t an evil thing that was disguised as Catherine? What if it was Catherine?

    After about a minute, Gene built up the courage to approach the thing. He would never forget the following conversation for as long as he lived:

Gene: Are you Catherine?

Catherine: Yes. Gene. Don’t be frightened ok. What’s done is done.

Gene: You aren’t alive are you.

Catherine: No.

Gene: Why are you here?

Catherine: Because I miss you Gene and I wanted to say goodbye.

Gene: I think you’re lying. I think you’re here to deliver a message.

Catherine: You’ve always been so smart Gene.

Gene: What did you need to tell me?

Catherine: Make sure that my daughter, Sydney; your niece, gets put in a good foster home. And tell her that mommy is sorry she was never there for her.

Gene: Where is she?

Catherine: Herman has her.

Gene: But Herman told me that you had her.

Catherine: He lied. We were on a trip to San Francisco, when he knocked me out and took Sydney with him back to New Hampshire. I didn’t take it so well when I came to. So I killed myself. I still don’t know how my body ended up on the side of the highway,

Gene: So what do you want me to do?

Catherine: Get the authorities, go to Herman’s house, and get my freakin baby to safety. She is four right now and does not need all this stress in her life.

Gene: Why did you kill yourself?

Catherine: I didn’t make the best decisions in life Gene. When my daughter was taken away from me, I didn’t think straight and I hung myself.

Gene: Will I ever see you again.

Catherine: You already have seen me more then enough times after this.

Gene: What?

Catherine: I’ve already said to much. I have to go. Xavier is waiting for me.

Gene: Who is Xavier.

Catherine: Goodbye Gene.


Catherine: Xavier is you.

    Before Gene could ask her anything else, Catherine disappeared into thin air. He would never see her again. He would never know what she meant when she said “Xavier is you.”

    Gene stood in shock for about five minutes, then he quickly made a mad dash to the police station and told them everything (leaving out the part that his dead sister told him all of this). The chief of police immediately had a plan. They would put it into action immediately.

* * *

    Gene was a vital part of the chief’s plan to arrest Herman (the police could not simply go and arrest him. They did not have enough evidence. Gene had to prove to them that Herman truly did all of this.

    Gene walked straight from the police station to Herman’s house. Behind Gene’s ear was a bug. And about a half a mile away was a police car monitoring it. Gene would have to confront Herman.

    Gene violently pounded on Herman’s front door. The second Herman opened it, Gene began throwing punches yelling repeatedly “You son of a bitch! You killed my sister!” Gene and Herman began to get into a violent fight. The sounds of Sydney’s cries could be heard from the other room.

    Gene and Herman were tackling each other, throwing punches at each other, and kicking each other. At one point Herman was able to get Gene onto the ground and pointed a gun at him. Herman asked Gene how the hell he found out. Gene simply replied that it was none of his bees wax. Then Gene spit at Herman. Herman pulled the loader of the gun and asked Gene if he had any last words. Gene simply said no and closed his eyes, ready to die.

    Gene heard a gun shot but felt no pain. Gene opened his eyes to see that he was covered in Herman’s bloods and brains. Herman was on the ground, dead. Behind him was the chief of police. The chief ran over to Gene and helped him up. The police brought Gene to the hospital, where he would only be treated from a few minor bruises. He would then be picked up by his mother.

* * *

    When Marie and Gene pulled into the driveway of the house, Marie began to beat Gene for almost getting himself killed. Gene became infuriated and screamed to his mom that at least he took action about his sister death. At least he was able to make sure that Sydney was put into a good home. At least he was brave enough to confront the man who made Catherine’s life a living hell. At least he actually cared about Catherine. Marie was enraged by everything that Gene said, beat him some more, and then sent him up to his room.

    While Gene was up in his room. He began to think. He began to think about everything that has happened to him, his whole life. He realized how much shit he has gone through and how much he has had to put up with. And he had it. Gene began to think different things, some very terrible things.

    Gene grabbed a rope from underneath his bed. He pulled up a webpage on the computer about how to tie a noose. He followed the instructions carefully. Then when he finished, he tied the noose to a banister going across his room. He pulled a desk chair underneath it and stepped up onto it. He put his head into the noose and tightened the knot. He closed his eyes and was ready to knock the chair from underneath him. He could feel tears well up in his eyes. All it would take was one good kick to end it all. But Gene decided that it wasn’t worth it.

    Gene remembered one good thing that was in his life, his future. He would be out of the house and away from his old life in two years. After he graduated, he would be able to be whoever he wanted, he could do whatever he wanted, and he could go where ever he wanted. He would just need to survive the next two years of High School and his mother. This was enough to talk Gene out of suicide.

    Gene loosened the knot and placed the rope under the bed. He then went to bed having a new mindset. A better mindset. The next morning, he would wake up with a new goal, to simply survive the next two years, that way he could reach freedom. And live the life he always wanted.

    Gene would later die of an epidemic.

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