Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


8. Chapter 8

"We aren't getting out of this car!" I said firmly. They all looked at us.

"Really?" asked Niall. We both nodded. Before we knew it Louis was picking me up and Harry picking Jessie up. She screamed and we both struggled causing everyone to look at us. Luckily no one took a second look it was mostly old people. "Seriously put me down now Harry" exclaimed Jessie. He shrugged and put her down. Unfortunatly for me they all moved to carrying me. Harry and Liam taking an arm each and Louis and Niall taking a leg. Jessie laughed and tryed to help me but Zayn wasn't having it he picked her up and they started walking off into the shopping centre still carrying us. We finally gave in and stopped struggling for a bit....

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