Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


4. Chapter 4

We sat in my bedroom waiting for a phone call. Finally after what seemed like forever it rang. Both me and Jessie raced to get it but I grabbed it. "Hello" I said into the phone.

"Hello, is that Jessie or Mollie?" asked the voice.

"Yes this is Mollie but Jessie is here as well" I replied.

"Good, well I'm Simon and I need you 2 girls to babysit my 5 boys for the summer" said Simon's stern voice. I smiled and Jessie and nodded. "Yes that will be okay, now when do you need us to start?" I asked

"Tommorow if at all possible" said Simon.

"Yes yes we can do that and where do you live?" I asked

"It is not necessary for you to make the journey I shall come and collect you tomorrow morning at 5am"  informed Simon.

"Oh that is good please collect us from my house, 11 Blossom Hill. I do assume you know the area" I informed him.

"Yes yes I know the area, Oh one more thing is it alright for you girls to live with the boys for all of the summer they need constant care you see" Explained Simon. I gave Jessie the thumbs up. We had wanted to stay with whoever we were babysitting anyway to make things easier. "Yes we can do that Simon" I said.

"Good then see you tommorow" Simon said.

"Goodbye" I replied. He hung up. I smiled at Jessie, there was no need for me to tell her the details. I could tell by her face that she had heard

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