Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


19. Chapter 19

"What is it Harry, what did Simon say?" asked Niall getting up. 

"He said that the girls can stay with us! To live they are aloud to live with us!" shouted Harry. I looked up startled. 

"Really?" asked Niall.

"Yes, Simon found out that there families are poor and since you are dating Mollie and Liam is dating Jessie they are kind of our family so Simon says they can stay with us forever" Harry said jumping around. I smiled at Niall and he smiled back.

"What about our parents? Do they know?" I asked Harry. 

"Oh Simon sorted it out with them, they are cool with it" he replied. I smiled and jumped on Niall hugging him. He smiled and picked me up. "Does that mean we can be together forever?" I asked. 

"Yes" Replied Niall. I smiled and kissed him.


And so began our lives together. I was officially the luckiest girl alive.



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