Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


14. Chapter 14

Finally at about 9:30am the boys come running down the stairs laughing.  "Oh hey we didn't know you's were up" said Liam. "Yeah we've been up for ages" said Jessie.

"We were going to make you breakfast but we didn't know where anything was" I added. 

"Mollie you don't need to we can make it ourself you know" laughed Louis.

"It's our job to look after you we are your babysitters" I argued. After about half an hour of arguing the boys finally gave in and let us do our job. They showed us where everything was then sat around the table. Originally we were going to make them coco pops but Niall was being picky and demanded more so we ended up giving them bacon and sausage. When breakfast was over we washed up. "Mollie please can we buy you and Jessie more stuff?" pleaded Zayn. 

"No you can't you've already bought us loads" I replied firmly. He sighed and Niall jumped out from who knows where grabbing me from behind. I screamed as he flung me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs closely follow by Zayn, Harry and Louis. And Liam who was carrying Jessie who was screaming and yelling to be put down. We got to a room and Niall placed me on the bed. I tried to run but he was quick he pinned me down and tied me there. Liam did the same for Jessie. "What are you doing you weirdos?" demanded Jessie.

"Well if your not going to let us buy you things then your just going to have to stay here while we buy you things" replied Harry sweetly.  We both glared at him. "Who says we won't get free?" I said.

"We already thought of that sweety, Niall is going to stay with both of you" All the boys laughed. I groaned. We were going to be stuck with someone that might eat us... 

Well I had to admit he was kind of cute and I think Jessie thought the same thing.

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