Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


11. Chapter 11

After nearly a full day of shopping, quite a lot of tickling, a meal at nando's and heaps of money being spent we finally left. Despite mine and Jessie's demands we eventually had to give in and let them buy us some clothes. We got into the car and the driver sped off. To the boy's house. The boys must of bought Jessie and me nearly the exact same things because there was 2 of every bag. "Is there any shop clothes shop you didn't go in?" asked Jessie. The boys laughed.

"No I don't think so" said Harry. I sighed and sat back in my seat. The drive seemed to be lasting forever. I think I must of fell asleep at somepoint because the next thing I knew the cold air was blowing around me and I was being carried into the house by....

I opened my eyes by Zayn, Zayn Malik was carrying me into the house. Maybe babysitting them wouldn't be so bad.

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