Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining


10. Chapter 10

Suddenly Zayn, Harry and Niall jumped at me. Louis and Liam jumping on Jessie. We both screamed causing people to look over at us. But that didn't last long they all stopped as soon as they saw what they were doing. Niall was soon tickling my sides, while Zayn and Harry held me down firmly. I laughed uncontrollably and struggled against there hold. I looked across at Jessie who was having the same done to her. Louis was tickling her sides while Liam held her down she was laughing like mad. "Okay okay I give in please stop it" I pleaded through laughter. They stopped and I sat up. Jessie wasn't giving in so easily after about 5 minutes Zayn and Harry started tickling her as well. I tried to help her but Niall wasn't having it be pushed me gently against a wall trapping me by putting his hands next to my head. "That's what you get for not letting me eat you" informed Niall. I laughed. "You actually wanted to eat me?" He shrugged. I looked to my side Jessie still hadn't gave up. It carried on for about 10 more minutes before Jessie finally shouted "Okay okay stop it". They stopped, Zayn picked her up and pinned her next to me. "So do you want to tell them what we said?" I asked her.

"No thanks Moll's you can tell them." I smiled at her then looked around at the boys who had now formed a circle around me. "Tell us what you said" demanded Niall. I sighed.

"I said that I hope you didn't find out we were ticklish because it was our disadvantage" I said quickly. They all laughed and dragged us off to who knows where in the shopping centre.

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