Summer with 1D

This is for the summer with 1D competition everyone please tell me what you think and if you think I have a chance of wining



Heya guys, 

So I have had a few requests of here asking for a sequel to this. I really like the idea and plan to do one soon. As you all know from the final chapter to this one -5 years later- they both got married and had kids well I plan to include that in the follow on movella. Like when I start it they won't be married and won't be pregnant if you know what I mean.

So basically, yes I'm going to do a follow on book for this, at the start they won't be married and have kids/be pregnant. The plot of it is mainly going to be that they got married and have the kids but it won't be all rushed I will add some extra surprises in there! 

Please all of you comment and tell me if you would like 2 books to follow on which would mean one would be of them proposing, planning the wedding etc. and the other getting pregnant, deciding on baby stuff, getting baby stuff, scans etc. Whichever you all choose I will more than willingly do and don't worry it will be sure to have lots of surprises and twists in.

As most of you will know if you have read the comments I am already working on a one direction fan fic series on this account. So I'm going to finish the series for that one first then I shall get to work on the sequel(s) to this one. While you are waiting for the sequel to this one please check out the 1D fan fic series I am already working on. I hope you will enjoy it!

Thank you all,                                                                                                                                               JustOneDirectioner 

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