We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate

Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to figure out how to be comfortable in her own skin while juggling three sports at a time and keeping her grades at a B average. Of course when her Boarding School suddenly has to combine with the neighboring all-boys academy to become a co-ed school, she has another thing coming. On top of all of that, she has to deal with the pompous, vain jerk of a jock, Zayn Malik. And it just so happens, he has a hidden talent. One that both he and Tayler share.

Join Tayler and her Love/Hate filled life with Zayn and experience, bad dancing, amazing voices, sports, and a special someone. These two will endure a lot. And its all thanks to four other boys and four girls who help them along the way.


10. The Dance

Tayler's POV:

Time flew and Saturday approached quickly. I wasn't ready for a dance!! Aiden and I shared little pecks in the hallways and after classes, but for some reason, I didn't enjoy it. His kisses had almost no emotion. I didn't relly enjoy this little 'thing' w had. In fact I REALLY wish that Zayn could replace him right now.

"Time to get ready for the daaaance" Jordan sang and skipped around the room. I pulled the five dresses out of our armoir and lay them on my bed, then we went ahead and did our hair and makeup. I curled my hair and pinned itback, then put on plain mascara and some lipgloss. I slide on my silk dress and smile to myself.

There was a knock onthe doorI walked over and opened it, Aiden stood there with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums.

"Thanks Aiden" I say. I took the flowers and kissed his cheek. I put them in a vase ans grabbed his hand. We left the room and walked down the hall.

"You look fine" he says. Fine? Not pretty? I sigh.

"Thanks Aiden" I say and smile lightly. We step into the elevator. After we go down about three floors, hee pushes the emergency stop button.

"Aiden what are you...." I start.

He turns to me and pushes me against the wall. He kisses me hard on the lips. I try to pull away, but he just oushes further, then his toung enters my mouth. He grabs my wrists and holds them tightly. I bite his tongue.

"Aiden, what the hell!?" I spit. He growls, and not in a sexy way. He throws himself at me again and pins my arms against the wall. He love-bites, or actually I think it'd be more like lust-bites my neck and traces my ear with the tips of his tongue. I shiver, absolutely disgusted.

"Aiden. Stop" I say through clenched teeth. His hands start roaming my body.

"Zayn help!!!" I yell.

"Aiden NOW" I hiss. I bring my knee to where the sun don't shine and ran to the other side of the elevator. I hit the emergency start button and hopped off on the next floor, leaving a groaning Aiden on the floor of the elevator.

I sprinted to the boys' room and slammed my hands against the door. I'm sure I looked like a hot mess right now. The strap of my dress was slowly slipping down my shoulder and my hair was super screwed up. The door opened to reveal Zayn halfway dressed in his suit, not wearing his jacket yet.

I took one look at him, then burst out crying. He quickly grabbed my arms and crushed me to his chest, hugging me tightly. I cried hard into his shoulder for at least ten minutes. When my breathing calmed down I looked up at him.

"What happened?" he asked. I strated choking on my sobs and began crying again, sobs racked my chest and I was breathing heavily. Zayn sat down on the couch and held me close to him. I don't know where the guys were, I guess they were already at the dance. As soon as I stopped crying I started to speak.

"Ai-Aiden came on to me, and he hurt me and kissed me and touched me and I told him to stop but he kept going and and, I called for you, but you didn't come" I said and leaned against him, trying not to cry again.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered to me "I promise that the guys and I will take care of him for you, but for now, lets just try to forget and go to the dance okay? If he has the nerve to show up, I'll take care of it." I nod my hair and he helps me stand up. He clears my makeup off of my face, all of it, and pins my hair back up.

"Zayn, where'd you learn how to do that?" I asked him.

"I have three sisters; Waliya, Safaa, and Doniya. That's how im good with makeup." he tells me.

"And the hair?" I ask.

"Do you know how long it takes to look like this?" he asks motioning to himself. I laugh and look in the mirror. I have NO makeup on, but my hair looks perfect. I start messing with my eyes and pinching my cheeks, trying to look like I'm wearing a little bit.

Zayn grabs my hands and puts them to my sides.

"You look beautiful without it" he says, then kisses my forehead.

He intertwines my fingers with his and leads me out of the room.

"Can we take thestairs?" I whisper.

"Yes" he replies. We walk ten floors down the stairs and make our way to the ballroom, my arm linked in his.

Everyone stops to look at us... yes like an actual fairy tale, except the prince was with the princess sort of.My eyes scanned the crowd and thank god, did not see Aiden anywhere. Zayn and I found Katelyn and Niall who were arguing.

"Niall," Katelyn whined "I told you I was wearing a green dress"

"The leaf on the flower is green" he replies.

"But thats the only green you have, and you can barely tell!" Katelyn says. Zayn groans, then undoes his tie, walks up to Niall and undoes his tie, then throws his tie at him. Zayn's tie was the same forest green as Katelyn's dress, so it went perfectly. Zayn took Niall's plain black tie and put it on.

"Thanks" Niall and KAtelyn say simultaneously. Then Katelyn turns and glares and Niall.

"You got lucky" she says. He smiles sweetly, then kisses her on the cheek. Niall hugs me around the waist and lokos at Zayn.

"Wait, where's Aiden?" He asks. Zayn looks at me sadly, then speaks up.

"About that..." he starts, then pulls Niall to the side. I go over to KAtelyn and we talk for awhile.

"What did happen to Aiden?" she asks.

"Can you ask Niall when he comes back over here?" I ask frowning.

"OH sweetheart, I don't know what happened but I'm sorry, feel better" she says and hugs me tightly.

"Thanks love" I reply. She smiles greatfully. The guys come back over and when she sees Niall, her face lights up. Those two are SO in love. They just don't know it yet. I sigh. I wish I could be like them.

Zayn stands next to me and uts his arm around my waist.

"Well someone's being a helpful Harry tonight now are we?" I ask and scruch my nose up, teasing him.

"What about Harry?" a voice say behind me. I turn around.

"Hazza!" I say. I hug him tightly.

"Someone's very handsome tonight" I say then wink. He smiles cheekily and I hear someone clear their throat. I turn to JOrdan and smile.

"Helo my beautiful wife" I say and giggle. She smiles brightly and hugs me. She looks amazingly gorgeous in her flowing red dress that is cut low on the back.

"You look amazing!" be both say at the same time, then laugh.

"Where's Aiden?" she asks.

"Ask Niall" I say.

Zayn and I find Louis, Liam, Danielle, and Sierra having a dance-contest. Sierra can't dance, AT ALL but she looks like she's having a good time. I mean, I can't dance either, and neither can Zayn, but we join in anyways. I do a really bad imitation of Zayn and he starts making fun of me by doing the sprinkler.

We all end up laughing until we almost fall over.

"Where's Aiden?" Sierra asks. Louis,Danille, and Liam stop dancing and Zayn senses that I'm a little nervous, so he comes over and puts his arm around my waist. I guess I'll just tell them.

"Uhm, he kind of almost raped me and," I start choking up as tears well up in my eyes "I kneed him in the nuts and left him in the elevator. Zayn's been taking care of me" I say.

"Oh I seeeeee" Louis says and raises his eyebrows suggestively.

"Lou" Sierra says and shakes her head.

"That's okay, we didn't do anything Louis" I say and wag my finger at him.

"Oh that stinks. I think you guys should get married!" He says.

"Louis" Sierra hisses and slaps his arm.

"You have a big mouth boo-bear" Zayn says.

"Whatever Mr. Bradford BadBoy" he chuckles. Zayn blushes deeply. I decide not to ask what he was talking about.

"By you two!!!" The four of them say and run away.

"This'll be the last slow song of the night everyone," The DJ announces "grab a partner and remember your dancing skills that you learned in class!"

Zayn looks at me and and puts his hands on my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck and we look eachother in the eyes. The music starts and we sway back and forth, he puts his forehead against mine.

I lay my head against his shoulder forthe restof the dance, and he lay his head softly on mine. After the dance had ended, he walked me back to my room. We stopped in front of the door and he he kissed me softly on the cheek. I always thought Zayn was the type of guys that would make out with a girl on his first date. But I guess not.

"Night" he said.

"Night" I replied, and he started to walk down the hall.

"Zayn, wait!" I say.

"Yeh?" He asked.

"Thank you" I said smiling.

"Your welcomE" he smiled warmyl and walked the rest of the way down the hall.
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