We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate

Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to figure out how to be comfortable in her own skin while juggling three sports at a time and keeping her grades at a B average. Of course when her Boarding School suddenly has to combine with the neighboring all-boys academy to become a co-ed school, she has another thing coming. On top of all of that, she has to deal with the pompous, vain jerk of a jock, Zayn Malik. And it just so happens, he has a hidden talent. One that both he and Tayler share.

Join Tayler and her Love/Hate filled life with Zayn and experience, bad dancing, amazing voices, sports, and a special someone. These two will endure a lot. And its all thanks to four other boys and four girls who help them along the way.


9. Snogging and Harry's Bird

[A/N: Bird is a British term for girlfriend for those who dont. Also for those who don't know (I'm sure you all know this one though) Snogging means making out. Please vote, comment and more!!! I fell like this story could get really popular if I had your guys' help!!!! Thanks so much! I mean how hard is it to just click the little vote button that's like right there > also I've been thinking about posting a new story once I almost get done with this one. It may or may not be a fanfic. I don't know yet. Well anyways, I'm rambling. Hasta Lavista. Mucho Gusto! Igualmente! Que es su nombre? Yo no say....! Well um this is awkward.... K bye!(:

Tayler's POV :

"Sierra, you were right" I say as I arrive back in my room.

"Hell ya I was. Wait, what am I right about?" she says confused.

"Aiden asked me to the dance, then we kissed" I say.

"No way!" Jordan says, she has a toothbrush in her mouth and foam on the corners of her lips.

"Urm, yeh, and I didn't even want to kiss him, or go with him, but now that I think about it, I kind of like the idea of us being together" I say.

"Oh, just be careful Tay, I trust Zayn WAY more than I trust Aiden" Katelyn comes into the conversation. I nod my head.

"Looks like we're not the only ones who got dates to the dance" Danielle says.

"Yeh, I mean.... Wait. WHO ASKED YOU GUYS?!" I shouted suddenly realizing what she had said.

"Who else?" Katelyn giggles.

"No way! Congrats you guys!" I squeal.

"Poor Zayn was thinking about asking you. Now he has no one to go with." Jordan says softly.

Wait... Zayn. I totally forgot about how he said he liked me. And how he wanted me to like him. Oh no this is all wrong.

"Zayn" I whisper softly. A lone tear travels down my cheek and I wipe it away.

"What's the matter?" Danielle asks.

I tell them everything about the elevator and the almost kiss in the hall about two weeks ago. And about him wrapping his arms around my waist when we had a group hug.

"I'll be right back, Harry's calling me" Jordan says.

"Oh. Okay" I say.

Jordan's POV:

Zayn is Harry's best mate other than Lou so I decided to 'answer Harry's call' but really I was stepping into the hall to call him.

He picked up on the first ring.

"Hello?" his sleepy voice sounded SO sexy.

"Haz! Meet me in the lobby, like now!" I say to him.

"Okay" he says happily. I make my way to the elevator. Oh Harry, he's such a dork. But he's so fit. I love his curls. Speaking of curls.

The elevator door opens and I see Hazza in a jumper which makes him look so yummy.

"Hey curly" I say.

He smiles cheekily and I make my way over to him.

"Hello my bird" he says and kisses my forehead.

"Oh so I'm your girlfriend now?" I ask, eyebrows raised.

"Well I figured since...." he trails off.

"Calm down curly, I would love to be your girlfriend." I say to him.

He smiles brightly,"really?!" he asks.

"yes really" I smile.

"But I came here to talk to you about something. It's about Zayn and Tayler" I say as we sit down on a couch behind the front desk. No one was here except for us, but we had to be careful.

"Oh yeah, he told us everything like five minutes ago. He had a lot of explaining to do considering our glass table was shattered, there was a hole in the wall, and pretty much everything was on the floor when we got back to our room. Zayn's skin was literally hot to the touch and his pillow was really wet. I've never seen him so upset since I've known him. And we've been friends since 7th grade." Harry says.

I was completely gobsmacked.

"Yeah I know" Harry said.

"Tayler doesn't even like Aiden that much" I say.

"Why did she kiss him then?" he asked.

"Well, he kissed her and she said she couldn't really control what her hands were doing. He really overwhelmed her. He has this presence about him that just...." I stop and shiver "He seems, I don't know, scary almost" I finish.

"I know what you mean. But I think that we should wait until after the dance to do anything about Zayn and Tayler." he tells me. I nod my head and look into his eyes.

"Right now, the only relationship we need to worry about is ours." I state simply.

"Red" I say as he opens his mouth.

"Wow your good" he smiles. He was about to ask what color my dress is going to be.

"I know" I say.

"What does it look like?" he asks.

"That's for me to know and you to find out. But I will tell you one thing." I say.

"Oh? And what's that?" he raises his eyebrows and bites his lips.

"I look damn sexy in it" I say almost like I'm purring.

"Rawr" he says with fake cat claws. I reach up and run my hand through his curls.

I twist one of them between my two fingers as I look him in the eye. He growls from deep inside his chest. Cool, he likes it when I play with his curls, I should hold onto that information.

"Your so mean" he says in a low voice.

"Who me?" I ask innocently and bite my lip.

"Thats enough of that" he says and grabs my waist. He plants his lips on mine and I kiss him hard. Our lips move in sync and I run out of breath. I pull back for air and he kisses my jaw, then my neck and collar bone, leaving a trail of fire behind.

"Jordan" he groans huskily.

"Crapbuckets! Harry, we're in the lobby! Knock it off!" I shout/whisper to him. He looks up at me and pouts. I kiss his lips and we stand up, then walk hand in hand to the elevator.

Zayn's POV:

Harry had just come back into our room.

"Zaynie!" he yelled and jumped on top of me.

"I just talked to Jordan and I know everythiiiing" he sang.

"uhm ok" I replied groggily.

"DON'T under ANY circumstances get a date to the dance. You'll die if you do." he tells me.

"That's it?" I ask.

"Well I'm not telling you anything else!! You can wait until after the dance to find out for yourself!" he shouts.

"Harry, shut the hell up and go to bed" I murmur.

"Sorry I'm high off of happiness, Jordan and sugar!" he yells.

"Awwww Harry!! I can't believe you snogged Jordan!!! I'm your husband here!" Louis whines.

"I still love you, you big bloke!" Harry kisses Lou on the top of the head, then strips stark naked, and climbs into his own bed.

Five days until the dance. I can't wait that long to win Tayler's heart. Besides, it's not like I can ruin Aiden's and her date. That'd be rude. And she isn't fair game any more.

Guess I'll just have to fight harder.
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