We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate

Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to figure out how to be comfortable in her own skin while juggling three sports at a time and keeping her grades at a B average. Of course when her Boarding School suddenly has to combine with the neighboring all-boys academy to become a co-ed school, she has another thing coming. On top of all of that, she has to deal with the pompous, vain jerk of a jock, Zayn Malik. And it just so happens, he has a hidden talent. One that both he and Tayler share.

Join Tayler and her Love/Hate filled life with Zayn and experience, bad dancing, amazing voices, sports, and a special someone. These two will endure a lot. And its all thanks to four other boys and four girls who help them along the way.


7. Niall is WHAT?!

Tayler's POV:

I made my way to class with my eight best friends and Zayn.

We took our seats, which now became normal for us to sit in. We took up a single row. Each of the girls next to one of the guys. But of course I HAD to sit next to Zayn. Which actually isn't that bad considering he looks and smells like a god. Don't ask me how I know what the smells like.

Today our home room was history. Ew.

"Students, today you will be starting a new assignment. When you get back to your dorms I would like you to look up your family crest and write an essay on your history" our teacher Mr. Rogan says. Everyone groans.

Niall peers at me, then quickly turns away. I wonder what that was about?

Zayn turns to me and begins chatting, once again.

I try not to be rude and focus on what he is saying. Well at least that's what it looks like on the outside. On the inside I am soaking in every single word he says. I so badly want him to ask me out or kiss me or something. I've never had feelings like this for anyone before.

"One more announcement class," Mr. R says "We have a new student"

The door opens and in walks a very fit boy. He has sandy blonde hair and blue-green eyes. But he was nothing compared to Zayn.

"His name is Aiden. Anything to say my boy?"

"Hi I'm Aiden" he says. Everyone laughs except for Zayn. Aiden was giving me the eye. In fact, he couldn't keep his eyes off of me.

He sits down at the last empty desk right behind me.

"Hey I'm Aiden" he says to me, holding out his hand.

"You said that already" I giggle and flip my hair over my shoulder flirtatiously.

Zayn scoffs silently but I guess I was the only one that heard it.

"Oh" he said. Ok so this guys is either playing stupid, or is just plain stupid.

"Heres my number," I say winking "Text me whenever." I hand him a slip of paper and continue with my class work.

Later after class I sat at the desk in my room, laptop open. Zayn and I were partners for an English project so he was chilling in my room while I started the history assignment.

I typed 'Moore Family Crest' into the google search engine bar and a picture of two yellow lions back to back on a green banner with a knights helm above it appeared.

I clicked on a link after printing out the picture. It was to ancestry.com

I skimmed the page until I saw my generation. The names under my parents pictures were, Tayler Moore, Niall Horan, and Riley Moore.

Wait, Niall Horan? My heart races as I re-read that part. The picture was of him alright. I read the whole entire page of the family history until the move came up. 'The Moore family moved from Ireland to the United States in 1790 after the Americans finally began to settle. They slowly spread across the US and became very large. Moore is now a common last name in the US.' I clicked on Niall's picture and read the content. 'Niall Horan, 18, currently living in Ireland with adopted family. Originally a Moore before having to be given up. His twin is Tayler Moore'


"Tayler are you okay? Your really pale." Zayn asked. I turned to face him, he was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.


In my dream Zayn was carrying me around everywhere. Where were we goin, I have no idea. My head was nuzzled in the crook of his neck and he held me tight. But then he was being ripped away from me. No no no come back please Zayn!!! No!

I awoke in cold sweat and looked around the room. Where am I? This look like my ro but it

Smells like cologne and farts... If a room can smell like that at the same time anyways.

"Shh, she's awake" I hear whispering voices coming from the other side of the room. I turn to see the guys sitting across the room from me. Oh so this was their room. I should've known that.

There was a knock on the door. Louis got up and skipped over to the door, then opened it.

"Hey guys, come in" he said. Then he skipped back into the room, holding Sierra's hand. I stated at Niall and he fidgeted under my gaze. Twin? Everyone was saying how we looked really similar, almost identical in fact.

"Your making me nervous" he said in his Irish accent.

"Zayn, did you read the screen before you left my room?" I ask him.

"Uuuh... No...?" he replies. I groan and lean back.

"Bring me the computer please" I say to Liam.

Liam hands me his HP laptop and I open up the Internet.

I go to the same link that I was at before.

I hand the computer to Niall.

"Do me a favor and tell me if you knew anything about this" I say to him.

He reads the page with great effort and takes forever. Well if the only book you've ever read is 'To Kill A Mockingbird' then I guess that you're going to read quite slowly.

I made eye contact with Zayn and he smiled at me. My heart fluttered. I looked down and blushed. Gah. This boy will be the death of me.

He was wearing his fake nerd glasses and a black gage on his left ear. He was so fit.

I turned to look at Niall who was pale.

"I always suspected, but I never knew" he said softly.

"Knew what?" Danielle asked innocently.

"Niall is my twin!" I say.

Niall runs over to me and picks me up, spinning me a round and hugging my tightly. I didn't notice that I was crying until I looked at Niall's shoulder which had tear stains on it.

He was crying too. Zayn and Katelyn glared at us both.

"Group hug!" Louis shouted.

Everyone piled around us and I felt a pair of arms around my waist. Zayn's lips brushed up against my ear as he whispered to me,

"You always were sweet and innocent like Niall" he said. A shiver ran through my spine. I bite my lip and turned to him.

He looks at me with wide eyes. I lean close to him and let my hot, minty breath wash over his face as I speak,

"innocent my ass" I say then pull away. He wishes he could have me. Ugh I don't want to do this, but I need him to want me. I can't give in, he'll think I'm easy and weak.

"Niall, would you like to meet our sister?" I ask him.

He nods his head and smiles brightly. I call Riley and told her to meet me at the dorm.

Later there was a knock on the door.

The guys sat on the bed and bounces up and down impatiently.

"Calm down boys, she's just my kid sister" I say.

I open the door and she's standing there with tear-streaks down her cheeks.

"We have a brother?!" she asks. Riley and I always wanted an older brother. Wait, who was older? Niall or me?

"Yep" I say and smile, I lead her over to the bed. Niall stands next to me.

"You guys look identical" she says softly.

"Riley, right?" Niall asks her. She nods her head, then more tears pour forward. Niall opens his arms and she runs to them. She clutches him tightly and he does the same with her.

We sat on the floor and I introduced everyone to Riley.

"Well I'm sure you know the girls," I say gesturing toward them "but this is Zayn, and then my other three friends Louis, Harry, and Liam" I say. Zayn kind of looked at me funny. Well, I don't know WHAT we are to eachother. We're not friends that's for sure.

"And our brother Nialler" I say smiling.

"Pleased to meet you" Harry said.

"The pleasure is all ours" Liam says.

"Do you like carrots?" Louis asks. That comment receives a punch in the arm from Sierra.

"Hello" Zayn mumbles, still sore about the comment I made earlier when we were hugging.

"Hey Niall, who do you think is older?" I ask him.

"Definitely me" he chuckles. I raise my eyebrows at him.

"Well I am more mature than you, just face it" he says.

I snort, then everyone else starts laughing.

"If we're going the level of maturity, I would say she definitely beats you in that category" Louis says.

"Says you!" Niall pouts.

Suddenly an ear peircing squeal interrupts our arguement. I loko at Katelyn who is blushing profusely. I giggle at her.

"What Katelyn?" I ask.

"The dance is next on Saturday which is in four days! I haven't got a dress OR a date" she says. Suddenly the room goes quiet. The guys look uncomfortable and so do the girls.

"Well let's go!" Danielle says breaking the silence. The girls file out of the dorm and back to our room.

I grab my car keys out of the room and we head to the school parking lot after getting permission from the mistress to head into town. There is a small square in the Yorkshire where we're aloud to go if we can drive and we have permission.

"So, what color is everyone getting?" I ask smiling brightly.
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