We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate

Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to figure out how to be comfortable in her own skin while juggling three sports at a time and keeping her grades at a B average. Of course when her Boarding School suddenly has to combine with the neighboring all-boys academy to become a co-ed school, she has another thing coming. On top of all of that, she has to deal with the pompous, vain jerk of a jock, Zayn Malik. And it just so happens, he has a hidden talent. One that both he and Tayler share.

Join Tayler and her Love/Hate filled life with Zayn and experience, bad dancing, amazing voices, sports, and a special someone. These two will endure a lot. And its all thanks to four other boys and four girls who help them along the way.


15. Breakups and First Kisses

Tayler's POV

I sat on my bed with my head in my hands. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I can't believe Niall!!!

I thought hard and decided why I needed to do. I fixed my hair and wiped my makeup off, then headed to the boys' room.

I knocked on the door and Liam opened it. I went inside without hesitation. Zayn was sitting in his bed and Niall was talking to him. They both had sad expressions.

"Zayn, can I talk to you alone please?" I ask. He looks up and nods his head. We stood outside of his room.

"Uhm.. Zayn I think we need to take a break. I'm afraid of getting hurt. We should just maybe see other people for now? Until I set myself straight? I'm sorry" I say.

He looked down to me with tears in his eyes.

"As long as its what you want..." he says.

"Thank you Zayn. I'm so sorry" I tell him. Tears well up in my eyes and I hug him. He stands there stiffly. I no my head at him then leave before I cry again.

I throw myself on my bed and ponder my decision. I did what's best for Zayn and I. Didn't I? Yes I did.

I lay down in bed and fell asleep.


I awoke to a knock on the door.

"Tay! We forgot our keys! Open up!!" I heard. I groaned and pushed myself upward. I made my way over to the door and opened it. Danielle and Katelyn stood in front of me.

"We hear what happened love" Danielle said. Katelyn held up a bag.

"What's that?" I mumbled.

"Ice cream, Oreos, popcorn, and lollies" She said smiling. Danielle grabbed m shoulders, then hugged me. Katelyn joined, then we brought the stuff over to the bed.

We ate ice cream from the bin and had handfuls of the popcorn and Oreo cookies.

"Sorry to be so blunt but why did you break up with Zayn?" Katelyn asked. I sighed deeply and choked back my hiccups, then spoke.

"I was afraid to get hurt" I said.

"You know what I think? I think that you were afraid of Zayn getting hurt by Niall, or you were afraid of hurting Zayn. But by breaking things off with him, you hurt both of you. I say, tomorrow you go to Zayn and talk to him. Then we talk to Niall and tell him to stop being such a bum- no offense Katelyn," she said.

"None taken, it was kind of an asshole move, even if he is your brother" Katelyn states.

"That's actually a good idea" I say.

"So do it!" Katelyn yells.

"Maybe I will" I say smiling. We finish up everything and watch a movie, ten fall asleep.

Katelyn's POV


I heard crying as I walked down the hall to the boys' room. I looked up to see Tayler sprinting past me with her hands covering her face and tears flowing down her cheeks. I decided not to say anything and find out what was going on. I went to the boys' room and opened the door. Niall was standing over Zayn, who was laying in a ball.

"Oh god Zayn.." he whispers.

"What the hell did you do to Zayn and your sister!?" I yelled.

"I- I don't know" he said. Zayn and Niall sat up on the bed ad started talking to me, Zayn told me what had happened.

"Okay, we'll I'm going to use the restroom," I say, then I whispers in Niall's ear "apologize" ten I hit him lightly on the back of the head. I walk to the bathroom just as Liam comes out of it. I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself, then scrub my hands. I put some cool water on the back of my neck and relax.

Kind of a little ritual I do to relax when I need it. Niall and Zayn sort of stressed me out a bit. I take a deep breath an then walk out of the room.

I sit on the bed next to Niall as he wraps an arm around my waist. I lean against his shoulder. I look around and see Liam in the corner smiling down at his phone. Probably texting Danielle. But no Zayn...

"Where's Zayn?" I ask.

"Tayler took him outside" he said. I sat up abruptly.

"Oh God" I say. Niall nods his head. Suddenly the door swings open and Zayn stands there with a pale white face.

"She b-broke up with me" Zayn stutters. He looks up at Niall and I, then collapses and starts heaving. Tears stain his shirt. Nail and I jump up and rush over to him, quickly followed by Liam. We run his back and comfort him as much as we can.

"I. I'm going to throw up" he says. SHIT! I jump up and grab a trash can. I throw it at Niall and close my eyes and cover my ears do I don't see or hear Zayn. A foul smell reaches my nose and I gag. I turn on the fan and help the guys lead him to the bathroom.

"I'll take care of him, you guys can leave" Liam says. I nod my head gratefully and Niall grabs my hand. We head out the door and go to the mini-theater that they have in the school. We took our seats and started watching some romantic movie, I wasn't really paying attention.

"I have a plan to get Zayn and Tayler back together" I say to Niall. I tell him my plan and he happily agrees to it.

"Let's focus on us now." he says and flashes me his cheeky innocent smile. My heart flutters and I smile back. Our lips meet in a soft sweet kiss. my very first. I spent the rest of the movie focused on Niall. No wonder I can't remember anything that happened.
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