We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate

Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to figure out how to be comfortable in her own skin while juggling three sports at a time and keeping her grades at a B average. Of course when her Boarding School suddenly has to combine with the neighboring all-boys academy to become a co-ed school, she has another thing coming. On top of all of that, she has to deal with the pompous, vain jerk of a jock, Zayn Malik. And it just so happens, he has a hidden talent. One that both he and Tayler share.

Join Tayler and her Love/Hate filled life with Zayn and experience, bad dancing, amazing voices, sports, and a special someone. These two will endure a lot. And its all thanks to four other boys and four girls who help them along the way.


1. First Day

I slipped my cell phone out of my pocket and put it in the plastic tub along with my beloved black and white converse-sneakers. I was in the airport security line. The security guard, who looked to be around twenty, looked me up and down with raised eyebrows.
"If you touch me inappropriately during the pat-down I will rip your balls off of your body and feed them to my bull dog," I snap at him. He just chuckles and hands me my stuff after I pass through the metal detector. Along with a cell phone number. I groan internally as he winks at me, holding up a finger-phone next to his ear.
I quickly leave. Of course I had to get my fathers height, blue eyes and athleticism. Then there's my mother's facial features and beautiful hands and feet. Best of both worlds. Any girl would kill to look like me. My luck. Not to sound snobby, but I hated the attention. Sometimes I prefer to keep to myself. 'Course you wouldn't think that if you saw me with my best friends. We are psychotic together.
I slip my sneakers back on and readjust my sunglasses on the top of my head. My sister finished going through the detector and came to my side. She had the same looks, though she still had that little bit of baby chub on her cheeks. I smiled brightly at her and she looked back at me nervously.
We were on our way to the outskirts of Yorkshire, England where our boarding school was located. Where I was to be turned into the perfect lady. This will be my fifth and final year at Knottingham Academy for Young Ladies. Thank God. I joined as an eighth grader, the youngest a girl can join. My father didn't want me to leave, and of course neither did my mother. But, I needed to be changed from the constant dirt-covered tomboy to a young lady. Thank God I didn't have to stay during holidays, though.
I would be a senior this year, and thank God for that! I don't think I could have taken another year!! But this would be my sister's first. She was joining a year late as a freshman because she had begged our parents for one more year to say goodbye to her friends. She would make new ones, I told her.
We were in line to board the plane, this would be Riley's (my sister) first time on a plane. She grabbed my hand in fright as the woman asked for her ticket. I squeezed it reassuringly and she stepped forward, her ticket in a shaking outstretched hand. After Riley went past the rope I handed the woman my ticket and she smiled warmly. I led my sister down the hall and we boarded the plane, taking our seats in - thank God for the lottery - first class. Before my dad won the lottery, my mom worked a dozen jobs at a time, always stressed and angry, barely being able to pay for things my sister and I wanted. While my father was a teacher at a high school, I was going to attend before we got the money, paying for only necessities.
We were very VERY lucky winning the money. My mom was having a bad day, don't ask me why she chose to buy the ticket then, but it seems like when something doesn't go my mom's way, it turns around drastically almost immediately. Lucky duck.
Literally ten seconds after we sat down a flight attendant came by and asked if we needed anything. My sister looked up at her, opening and closing her mouth like a fish. I didn't want anything but I asked for water for Riley. The flight attendant nodded her head and smiled sweetly, then scurried away.
"Thanks" she mumbled. For some reason, she hated talking to people she didn't know. When we were little and we would go to the little toy store in the middle of the town that we lived in, I would always have to pay, because she would be afraid to speak.
"No prob." I smiled brightly at her. The flight attendant came back and handed me a bottle. I thanked her and handed it to my sister.
The flight from California to London was long and boring. Riley fell asleep right away and slept like a rock the whole time. Whereas I was restless and constantly bugged the flight attendants by asking for a new movie, or something to munch on to keep me preoccupied.
By the time our plane landed, the flight attendant's hair was sticking up in some places. I smiled apologetically as we grabbed our carry-ons to leave. Her eye just twitched as she looked at me as we left.
"What did you do to that poor woman?" asked Riley as we grabbed our bags off of the belt.
"Umm nothing," I mumbled shyly. She just rolled her eyes and smiled at me.
We left the baggage claim and made our way to the front of the airport, where a man stood with a sign that read 'Moore' on it. He smiled once he saw us.
"Hello Miss Moore, how are you this fine afternoon?" he asked directing the question to both my sister and I.
"Fine," I said and Riley just peered nervously at him. He took our bags and placed them in the trunk of the little black car. We drove three hours to get to Yorkshire and another half an hour to get to the outskirts, where the large school was nestled in between to large, lush green hills. The boys academy stood across the meadow from our lovely school. Ours was a little bit larger. We pulled in front of the gate as the head master greeted us, she did to all of the students.
She never really liked me all that much, considering my friends and I were HUGE trouble makers.
We stepped into the foyer and checked in.
"This is like better than a five star hotel" Riley said amazed.
"I know, love." I said mimicking a British accent, quite well if you ask me.
She giggled and the lady at the front desk handed me two slips of paper. One for each of us. And four keys. They were pairs.
I handed Riley her keys and paper and explained how everything worked.
"Your room is number 304 in the east wing and mine is 607 in the south tower at the very top. Here are your classes. Your roommate can tell you where they are and you two will have the same schedule." I told her.
"Roommate?" she gulped.
"Or roommates. It depends what floor you're on. Higher floors host four girls in each room because they're bigger rooms. And lowers floors host two girls because they're smaller rooms." I explained.
"I'm floor 15" she said. In total there are twenty floors.
"You're going to have three roommates." I smiled at her.
"Oh. Okay," she mumbled.
"I'll see you at dinner. Good luck," I told her.
As I made my way to the elevators, I turned around quickly and shouted, "Don't forget to put on your uniform for dinner!"
She waved me off and I giggled. I pushed the up arrow and as I stepped in the elevator I pushed the highest number, 20.
The elevator made a dinging sound as the doors opened to reveal a very clean and polished hallway. I made my way to the other end of the hall where a very worn wooden door stood. I used my key and opened it, revealing a flight of stone stairs. I clambered up the stairs until I come to another wooden door. I opened that door with my key and I am revealed another hallway. I make my way to the very end of the second hallway and stood at room 607.
There is a total of 608 rooms in each wing. The school had enough room to house 14,500 girls. Don't ask me how. But we literally had half of that number, because boarding school was starting to become less and less popular.
I smiled as I pulled my key put one last time to open my bedroom door. Here goes nothing. As I opened the door, I was welcomed by a collective cheer coming from four different girls.
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