Love at First Sight (One Direction)

one direction fan fiction that im reposting from my instagram (keeepcalm_1dimagines)


8. Chapter 8.

Karen's POV:

The only remaining seat was next to Harry, so after I put the movie in I sat down next to him and placed my phone and the remotes on the coffee table.

I noticed my phone light up on the coffee table so I picked it up and noticed it was a text from Karli. I picked it up and glanced at her wondering why she would text me and we were in the same room.

From: Karli

You realize that the most famous boyband is sitting in our living room right? How are you so calm???

To: Karli

And you realize that you haven't said a word to Niall since they got here right?

From: Karli

Okay but what if I say something stupid? And also are they staying for the night?

To: Karli

Just be yourself, you're awesome so you should be fine. And agh I don't know, I'll bring it up I guess.

"Uh do you guys like to watch the previews or do you prefer to skip to the main menu?" I asked as the first preview started. "Well if we skip the previews then we can get more time in on the movies," Liam responded. "Okay, makes sense." I offered Liam a smile and skipped the menu to press play.

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