Love at First Sight (One Direction)

one direction fan fiction that im reposting from my instagram (keeepcalm_1dimagines)


6. Chapter 6.

Karlis POV:  We finally got home, and I wanted to take a shower and get comfortable. I asked Kasen to keep the boys company for a while. She said she didn't mind. So we went in and put the snacks in the kitchen Kasen showed the boys the house, then they all went to the living room and I took my shower.

Kasen's POV: Karli's taking her shower and me and the band are just chatting. Niall taps my shoulder and asks if he could talk to me in the other room I say sure and he tells the guys hold on then follows me out. When we get to the other room I take a seat on the bed "what's up Niall?" I ask. He ruffled his hair a little and says "Karli.." "do you.....think I have a chance with her...?" he finished. "uhhh.... I think so. You should just get to know her and you'll be fine." I replied and his face lit up. He hugged me and said "thank you so much!" he was about to walk out and he turned around and said "oh yeah, Harry fancies you just a heads up try to act surprised if he says something" I blushed and he left. I walked in the kitchen to check on the boys then I told them to wait and I went to Karli's room to tell her to hurry up.

Karli's POV: Kasen walked in my room and I was coming out of the closet from getting my slippers. "you ready?" she asked "kinda I replied. 

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