Love at First Sight (One Direction)

one direction fan fiction that im reposting from my instagram (keeepcalm_1dimagines)


4. Chapter 4.

Kasen's  POV : We head to check out to pay for our popcorn and snacks. After we pay Liam offers to hold our bags for us. By the time we get into the parking lot we realize we were the only two cars still in the parking lot so the boys had no trouble following us out and to our house. About halfway to the house I look over at my friend and notice she looks a little down and a little tense. "Wassup?" I ask her. "Can you be honest with me,?" she said. "of course now tell me what's on your mind love" I said with a cheeky smile. She sighed and said "do you think Niall will still like me after getting to know more than just my name?" I could tell this was really making her upset so I tried to fix it by saying "of course he should and if he doesn't then that's his loss he's probably asking his band the same thing about you right now" she smiled and said thanks "what are friends for "I shot back. 
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