Love at First Sight (One Direction)

one direction fan fiction that im reposting from my instagram (keeepcalm_1dimagines)


2. Chapter 2.

Karli's POV: After the signing, we decide to go rent a couple of movies from the red box up the street before going back to the house. "Do we have some popcorn? I asked "I don't think so, let's go pick some up." Kasen replied. So we are on our way to the grocery store for popcorn and other snacks. When we get in the grocery store a familar looking blonde guy with shades and a clearly fake mustache bumps into me by mistake. I fell but as he helps me up he gazes into my eyes and says "...Karli?" at first I look confused and then he takes off his fake mustache and shades "oh hey" I said with a smile. We just stare at each other till we are interrupted by the rest of the boys come around "I found him" Liam said. Harry looks at me and says "so we meet again" 

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