Love at First Sight (One Direction)

one direction fan fiction that im reposting from my instagram (keeepcalm_1dimagines)


1. Chapter 1.

Karli's POV:

"We are almost at the signing table can you believe it Kasen?!" I asked my best friend. By the time she got a chance to answer it was our turn. When i get up there, I was practically shaking because Niall was the first one in the row. He didn't say anything for a moment, he just kind of stared at me, but i could tell it wasn't in a bad way, it was actually quite endearing but when he was able to form coherent words I was already down at the end of the row talking to Harry. "You know Niall froze up like that because he likes you?" I started to brush the comment off when i heard Niall yell "WAIT!" in his cute Irish accent, as we were leaving. He runs over to us, "What"s your name?" he asked, "Karli" I reply, Niall has the cutest embarrassed look on his face when he says "Do you think... you me later, Karli?" I laughed a little at first, Niall tensed up a little and looked a little rejected so i tried to fix it quickly.  "I would need your number to do that," he blushed a little and fumbles around for a piece of paper "of it is Karli." He smiles and watches me walk away. 

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