Dear diary....Summer holidays!

This is about a girl and her friends in the summer holidays - its me trying to write a bit like louise rennison ;)


2. Tennis match

Dear diary

Today was sooo embarassing but so good at the same time!

Becca rang me at 1, asking me if i wanted to come over to hers, with Ruth, and of course i said yes. But trust me to pick out the most clingy top in my wardrobe and shove it on, without noticing that you could see every detail of my bra, and belly button through it, and wear the shortest shorts i owned, that ride up my legs when i walk! Honestly, i am such an idiot but i blame my parents.

Anyway, when i got there we played a badminton match and ate ice cream (i fell flat on my face in the middle of it), and we got so sweaty and hot, and then rediculously, Becca decided that we should go down to the tenis courts! I obliged, but we had to make the long treck to Ruths house first, to get the raquets and drop off some shopping. So we got there, Ruth changed and we picked up the raquets, and then started making the even longer treck to the tenis courts! But, halfway along the journey, Becca realised that she was still holding the shopping we were supposed to put in the fridge, and started running all the way back to Ruths house!!! I was hot and tired, and my shorts were riding up so that they were practically pants, and my belly was flopping around everywhere in my clingy top. Ewww!

When we finally got to the courts, we started playing a match. I was AWFUL!! I seriously can't play tenis! I was thrashing around madly, and trying to hit the ball when two fit boys skated onto the courts, and sat down. Eeek, i was thinking, these legs aren't for boys to see - i look like jelly! They just kept perving on us while we played, but thankfully i was gradually getting better. Then Ruth hit the ball too hard. Everything went black.

I woke up with a pounding headache, and with one of the fit boys leaning over me.

"GAHEHhhhak" i mubled, still only half conscious. The boy laughed.

"I'm Tony" he said, in his cute boyish voice, "I'll see you around". I nodded my head dumbly, and they skated off, hair flowing in the wind.

"Did that just happen?" I asked Becca. "Yep!", she replied, "You've just been woooed!" Ruth giggled in the background, her beautiful ginger hair like a shining halo around her angelic face.

"Why did he talk to me, and not you - you're gorgeous!" I squeaked.

She didn't reply. I think this could mean something!!! I hope we bump into him again soon....

Laura x 

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