Dear diary....Summer holidays!

This is about a girl and her friends in the summer holidays - its me trying to write a bit like louise rennison ;)


1. Schoooooools. Out. For. Summer!

Dear Diary

Today was finaly the last day of term, and it is Summer - wahoooo! Today was a bit cringey though - way to start the holidays! In assembly i collected a certificate, but because my friends forced me to, i had to wear non school uniform and i was the only one - cringe! And to make it even worse, at break Sam spilt his drink all over me, so my top was TOTALLY see-through, and stained. Great. But really thats just me - i swear i get it from my parents, they are compleatly mad! My mum sings hymns in the shower and wears vaseline on her eyebrows because she saw it in one of her stupid 'I'm going to make you look like a freak' magazines! My dad is even worse - he goes to festivals and as he says, 'funks down' which just means he looks like a right idiot and everyone stares at us.

But, i'm going to change and make this the best holidays ever ; they won't know whats hit them!...

Laura x







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