Miss Nobody's Diary

This is my 'diary'...Actually it's just me poring my days into complete strangers for some random reason. I'm not looking for sympathy, i just want to get all of these things off my chest.


2. Entry 2.

So i don't get it....New school everything is supposed to change right? Apparently everyone at this school is determined to stay the same until they are twenty or something. Never an open mind for change. 

So I've made a choice. I am not going to be that same. I'm going to change. I guess it's kind of stupid but i want to do it just so they can see i just how much i much i give a shit about there idiotic ideas and beliefs. 

Still some of the bimbos want be to become one of them....join the bitch club!!! (barf) 

They keep trying to convince me makeup is the way to a boys heart and i need to stop wearing black emo and guy clothes. (Yup i wear guy clothes sometimes XD)

I don't get how some people can't accept i'm not like them? Is it too much to ask that i want to be myself? Or do i haft to be a different person just so people will 'like' me before it's okay? Maybe i'm just a baby complaining about the circle of life at school. 

Anyway this summer i have gotten in contact with some of my good friends but most of them live out of town.... Or 10.000 miles away. True i only have on friend at my school but getting to her is hard and i don't blame her for walking with her other friends. 

Still i have found three guys since my first entry, they are just completely lay back and totally non caring like me. It's almost a miracle, i met them on the skating ramp i usually go to, and they call me Cracks cause i jumped over and cracked a corner of the ramp they were on (upsi) So we ended up running together as fast as we could from the skate park owner.

Maybe i should give up school and become a pro skater?

Stupid idea scratch that!!! 

Anyway because i found out that you guys can't copy the link i will write why the song fits my mood (aka: the lyrics) 

Please answer the questions i have asked if you want to, it would sorta help to have other opinions also so i don't complain too much about the same stupid thing. 


Miss Nothing by The Pretty Reckless:


I'm miss atonomi, miss don't care.

Miss fortune, miss don't dare.


And i don't know where i am, and i don't know what i'm into, and i don't know what I've done too me...


I miss Nothing....I miss everything. (sorry the lyrics are mashed together and messed up. can't really hear what she's saying to clearly) 

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