Miss Nobody's Diary

This is my 'diary'...Actually it's just me poring my days into complete strangers for some random reason. I'm not looking for sympathy, i just want to get all of these things off my chest.


1. Entry 1.

Let me start by explaining how my life was before now:


I was born, i grew and learned about life and basic knowledge. I started School when i was 3 and am currently on summer break. My mom worked at the Danish embassy and my dad is american. So we traveled allot. My mom's family lives in Denmark and my dad's family lies scattered around the world. Because we traveled so much friends came as number 4 on my list of priorities. 1: School, knowledge.  2: Sports   3: Music and Art. 

I only had one 'good' friend and we barely talked, we were just friends...It was just something natural -Though i haven't heard from her since she became a total bimbo- 

I now live in Denmark, as i have for 4 years. 

First year i came was in the second grade. I was about as mature as a danish girl of 14...and i was seven when i arrived. The teacher bumped me up a class because they thought i was mature and smart enough, and i was. 

Again 2 friends, but one enemy as well. Isn't that how it always is? One evil bitch in the class who just happens to hate you...!!!!

A few weeks ago, i had a crush, the first crush of my life. My friend said everyone in the class could see it. So i panicked and created the profile of myself as not caring about anything. 

I became Miss Nobody.

He pretended to like me totally made me loose my profile and then he blew it up in my face. Making me the official laughing stock of everybody. 

Everyone is ranking up to the big kids school now, which mean different classes. But ironically i ended in the same class as the bitch and her little pet...and the guy i 'loved'....I have made some 'friends' from the other classes but i have a good guess they are just pretending, at least i don't share my secrets with them...I don't trust them enough..

Now it's summer, and i miss my 2 real friends, they are on vacation though. I don't really have anyone to talk to and allot more is going on. But this is only the 1 entry, 

Comment any thoughts on my 1 entry?

Mood song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=Me-MXR46B2s&NR=1

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