Slave to the Shadows

Allaix has been on the run all her life but she doesn't know why. All she knows is that she can't let the Lord of Shadows catch her. But what about the Lord of Light?


1. Chapter One

      We had thought that we were safe. We were wrong. They had found us. They always found us.

      I was at the Griffin estate when I felt it. Stood in the drawing room by a huge window I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. My stomach was gripped by fear and my knees grew weak. He was out there, the Lord of Shadows. I had to get away but I was surrounded by the Griffin family. They had kindly invited me over for dinner even though I was a poor girl of no consequence. Sweat formed on my brow. I had to leave. If I didn’t the Griffins would get hurt.

      Turning around I found myself face to face with Blake. He was Lord and Lady Griffin’s eldest child and therefore the heir to the huge estate. “Enjoying the view?” he asked with a smirk. “That must be the biggest window you’ve ever seen.”

      I narrowed my eyes at him. Blake was tall with blonde hair and bright green eyes. He was annoyingly handsome and was muscular from years of training. He also hated me. Blake’s comment had been because the windows in the house Romana and I were sharing were roughly the size of my head.

      Curtsying I murmured. “Please excuse me.”

      Blake’s eyes followed me as I went to stand in front of his parents who were sat on a plush loveseat.

      “Lord and Lady Griffin.” I curtsied low, trying to contain my panic. “I thank you for your kindness but I fear that I must leave.”

      “Already?” Lady Griffin asked arching a sophisticated eyebrow. “But we...”

      Lady Griffin’s words were lost to me. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart and my uneven breathing. My palms were slick with sweat and I feared that at any moment the window would smash and His terrible creatures would come rushing towards me.   

      “I...” I swallowed and had to force the words out. “I fear that I am unwell. I am very grateful for your invitation to dine with you but I must go.”

      Rushing from the room I felt Blake’s amused gaze on me. My skirts billowed behind me as I fled the drawing room, searching for an escape. I had to get out before they came. I couldn’t let the Griffins be hurt because of me.

      “Allaix!” Lacey called, her blonde curls bouncing as she ran after me. “Wait!”

      I stopped and Lacey appeared before me, her cheeks pink. She was twelve and Lord and Lady Griffin’s only daughter. Her dress was expensive, reflecting the wealth of the Griffins as well as their home did.

      “Where is the exit?” I gasped, my eyes darting this way and that.

      Lacey was confused but she pointed at the corridor to my left. I wasted no time in sprinting down it, the heels of my boots clicking on the floor. It felt as if there was someone breathing down my neck. I could hear howls but I didn’t know if it was my imagination or not.  

      “Wait!” Lacey cried.

      “Stay there!” I shouted back to her as I reached the wooden front door of the mansion. Lacey was a sweet child and I didn’t want anything to happen to her.

      Yanking the huge door open, I half expected to be assaulted by a terrible, slavering beast, but I was only greeted by the night. I bounded down the stone steps to the manicured lawn.

      “Allaix! What’s wrong?”

      I spun around to find Lacey and Howard, the other Griffin child, stood in the doorway. Howard was chubby and a few years younger than Blake, with brown hair and eyes. The light from inside the mansion cast their shadows on the steps.

      “Get inside!” I snapped, my eyes scanning my surroundings as I panted for air. “Now!”

      Heart-stopping and terrifying snarls sounded and the ground shook as something with red eyes rushed towards me. Drawing the dagger from my boots I braced myself. The monster knocked me off my feet and I slashed at it with my blade. It growled and tried to bite me but my dagger met flesh. A high pitched yelp nearly deafened me and the beast died when I twisted the dagger into its heart. Shoving the animal off me I got to my feet.

      Lacey and Howard were still stood in the doorway and Blake had joined them. They were all staring at me in shock.

      Wiping the splatters of black blood from my face I ordered them to go inside and lock the door, before running across the garden and through the bushes to the road beyond. I had to get to the house and find Romana. One of His servants had found me. More would be on the way.

      “Romana!” I yelled as I reached the rundown house that had been my home for the past six months.

      The gravel crunched beneath my feet as I rushed up the drive to the front door. It was hanging off its hinges and smeared with blood, red blood.


      Scrambling inside I fell to my knees when I saw Romana lying on the floor covered in blood. There were deep gauges in her stomach.

      “No,” I gasped crawling to her side.

      Romana’s black hair was plastered to her face and her skin was pale. A sob escaped my lips as I checked her pulse. She was dead. Her cold hand was clenched around her sword which was slick with black blood. A snarl erupted from nearby and I jumped to my feet. Three wolf-like animals had surrounded me. Their fangs gleamed in the moonlight that was streaming through the door and small windows. Taking hold of Romana’s sword in one hand and holding my dagger in the other I dropped into a defensive stance. The three pairs of red eyes burned into my skin. I couldn’t take all three of them. One of the beasts growled and they started circling me. I felt suddenly angry. I was angry because Romana was dead and because I was fed up of running. I had been running all my life and I wasn’t even sure why. I just knew that I couldn’t let the Lord of Shadow’s minions take me.  Breathing deeply I lunged at the nearest beast. I slashed and dodged, concentrating on keeping myself alive. Fury ran through my veins making me stronger and faster than I had ever been before.

      Moments later I was stood in the middle of the room surrounded by dead bodies. My chest heaved as I caught my breath. That had never happened before; I didn’t know I could be so fast. The only injury I had received was claw marks on my arm. Purple blood oozed from the cuts. I stared at it. It wasn’t the first time I had seen my blood but I still couldn’t get used to the fact that my blood wasn’t red like everyone else’s.

      A sound made me whirl around, sword and dagger at the ready. Blake was stood in the doorway, his expression unreadable. His green eyes moved to the purple blood that was making its way down my arm.

      “You’re not really a kitchen maid’s daughter, are you?”

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