The gift and the blue box

The TARDIS lands on Earth 2012, in the attic of a care home, not far frome he center of London.... What can the Doctor sense?.... What can Danielle hear?....Where is The Doctor?


1. Danielle

Danielle is the longest occupant of room 10 in White Hills car home, not far from the center of London. Danielle made her  heart breaking appearance as her mother, Laura, passed away soon after Danielle's birth. Tom, Danielle's father, was driven to insanity, due to the loss of Laura, and 'spirits'. So he claimed. Toms madness concluded to the unforcinate event of him committing suicide when she was three. For three years Danielle lived with her Nan, Ann-Marie, but illness took Anne in the end. it was thought by Danielle alone that were ever she went, who ever she loved, would be struck by the thunder bolt of trouble and unhappiness the plagues her.


Coming to that conclusion Danielle has spent her life attempting, and somewhat failing, to keep herself from having friends. Her best friend is Elliot Mayfair, he is a shy quiet boy with glasses and rather hansom, with blond hair and blue eyes, and has been at white hills for three years, next Thursday, poor kid, his mother had a drug addiction and his father didn't want anything to do with him, Like any other kid in White Hills he moved on. Elliot is older than Danielle by two years so he is 16, but he is the only friend she has, and likely to be.


Danielle isn't really liked by the other girls but gets quite a bit of unwanted attention from the boys who stare and comment on how wavy she walks, the girls don't like her mostly due to the fact that she is a prefix, head girl, and due to her emotional unavailability they haven't really been able to get to know her, Neither have any interested foster parents, she doesn't want to leave Elliot and since the death of her parents, Nan, and emotions she doesn't really mind staying. She would need a pretty good reason to leave, and what happened on her 15th birthday, in most peoples opinions,  would defiantly be it.










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