Autumn of death

I know about the deaths,why do the supernatural think I'm dumb?Mabye because I pass as an ordinary human......


2. The caf'e

Another day, the sun seemed to say through the window panes. I had to leave my warm, cosy comfort of a bed and go to closed them. I can't stand sun. The only thing that keeps me safe from it is when I dress completely in black to hide the creamy milk flesh I have to call skin. Even my brown, slightly wavy, hair has to be brushed, tied up, pinned and hid under a black, straight wig. Nothing funky, just plain old black and grey knee-high dress and heeled ankle boots. But today, I'm gonna sod it, I leave my hair natural and I wear a white top and black skirt, I make sure I wear no sock or shoes and I walk into the kitchen.


I work on my own, so when I open the doors to the dead, my early morning customers come in. Let me list them for you:

Two mummies and a vampire who wears a day ring.

exciting? Not much.


The vampire stares at me, at my beauty, so do the mummies. I take their order and that stuff, serve them but one mummy presses an amulet necklace into my palm, I look... it's an ahnk.


I put it on, thanking the mummy, it's cold against my warm skin, but I love it. I start to close the Caf'e for a short break but then the vamipre lunges for my throat.

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