Dark World

A world where emotions are practically non-existent. Where love only exists amongst families. Where schools double as military camps. Where beauty is ignored and stupidity is scorned. Where the most common emotion is indifference.
That is my life. The stupid students in my school always end up dead in the arena. The clever ones. We watch, and learn how to fight.
No one has emotions. Until any of us are given a mate, we cannot love. We cannot hate. We have no jealousy, no envy.
At least, we’re not meant to.
Then there’s me. Cursed with all the emotions that you humans have, and spared by my parents.
I am Demorus, and I am an unwanted light in this Dark World.


3. My Average Day - Arrival At School

Everyone on the bus is silent. That's how it is. That's how it's always been. Our kind don't have friends, and we don't need to be amused.

Well, maybe I do, but I can't show that.

So it's just silent, all of us wearing the exact same clothes, and sitting in the exact same way.

I always glance out the window though, and so do some of the others.

I sometimes wonder whether they have traces of emotion, and are bored, or simply upset that they're so alone.

But no one talks on this bus. Especially not about emotions.

We arrived at school, got off the bus, and immediately headed for the main hall at the school's centre.

The main hall is massive, and that's where everyone stands until 9:00. Then, we walk to out first class.

Now, in the hall, there are three main groups.

The Undarkeri (that's those inferior ones), us average Darkeri, and the Sudarkeri, the bigger ones.

The teachers are often Darkeri or Sudarkeri, or somewhere in between. There are never any Undarkeri as teachers. Undarkeri never leave High School.

There's this one at my school who's thirty-two. He looks like a Sudarkeri, but has a mental condition that makes him an Undarkeri. It's sad really.

But only I feel this sadness. Well, me and this one guy amongst the Undarkeri. He has emotions. That's why he's amongst them. This is his first week. His third day.

I only know he has emotions because I've seen them. He cries when we Darkeri and the Sudarkeri push him out of our way.

Inferiors should be pushed aside.

A hierarchy.

You know, the largest of the Sudarkeri are allowed to push teachers out of the way.

Our world is a strange place, but I've been raised to follow its ways and everything, so it's not that strange. Not to me, but to you, maybe.

We have two lessons, each of them two hours long. At the end of each lessons, Darkeri and Sudarkeri are given bowls of "Bland-Meal". That's what I call the brown food we eat. The last two hours of the day are spent at the school arena.

The Undarkeri don't exactly get taught. They just get told what to do in the arena. Which is to fight until they've killed the other one, and then see what the headmaster says. Death or more "education".

I'm surprised old "Thirty-Two" isn't dead yet. Maybe the headmaster thinks he's good sport.

Darkeri and Sudarkeri have separate classes. Darkeri are kept average. Average education and all. Maths, English, Science...Combat Education.

Sudarkeri are taught higher maths, higher English, higher science and more advanced combat.


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