Dark World

A world where emotions are practically non-existent. Where love only exists amongst families. Where schools double as military camps. Where beauty is ignored and stupidity is scorned. Where the most common emotion is indifference.
That is my life. The stupid students in my school always end up dead in the arena. The clever ones. We watch, and learn how to fight.
No one has emotions. Until any of us are given a mate, we cannot love. We cannot hate. We have no jealousy, no envy.
At least, we’re not meant to.
Then there’s me. Cursed with all the emotions that you humans have, and spared by my parents.
I am Demorus, and I am an unwanted light in this Dark World.


1. An Introduction

I never wanted to be one of those outcasts at school. You know. Those emotional ones, or the stupid ones. Not even one of those ones who scares everyone.

Especially at my school. Being emotional doesn’t happen. Emotions just don’t happen here.

Being stupid. Only good if you want to end up in the school arena fighting to the death.

Big and scary. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want to have to stand apart from everyone else. Being big gives you responsibilities. I don’t want to have to teach others how to fight.

So I’m me. The average Darkeri. Average height. Average strength. Average speed. Average everything. I’m normal.

Well, apart from one thing.

I have emotions.

I shouldn’t have any. Especially not at my age. At my joining ceremony, when I’m given my mate, that’s when I’m supposed to get some. And even then, only love.

Guess that’s why my parents didn’t kill me for having emotions. The love that only parents could have for a child.

I can’t help but think they should have killed me. It would save a lot of trouble, but here I am.

And I have to hide my emotions.

Oh, how fun.

Think yourself lucky, human. If you lived here, you wouldn’t live long.

You see, I forgot to mention one other emotion all Darkeri have. Pleasure.

And how do we feel this pleasure? By watching others kill.

We throw the stupid and disabled ones into arenas, and watch them kill each other.

It’s a glorious thing, if you’re like the others.

If you’re me…whilst finding it amusing, I am also horrified. All that blood. The wild hacking and slashing.

We have a few names for those who will end up in the arenas.

Walking Dead. Gladitori. Undarkeri. Blood-Spillers. Clowns.

It’s a cruel world we live in, but at least there’s no war. Instead, there are just the arenas. One in every city.

A smaller one in every school.

Those of us who are clever enough to stay out of the arenas are taught how to fight so that we can put on a show during the intervals.

Sometimes there are deaths. Sometimes.

But it’s only the stupid ones who die all the time.

So here I am, in my school. An average student. Normal in every respect.

But I have emotions, and that is my curse.

And this is my story.

For I am Demorus, and you humans are the only ones who will understand me.

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