Amy's life goes from good to bad, and bad to worse. Boys eh?


3. The Excuses

Jessie arrived at my house and I jumped in the car as fast as my body and my tight black, strapless dress would allow me. My Parents, Rose and John, work nights together at St. Hopes, so I had no trouble getting out.  

"Who told you?" I asked still confused.

"Kyle did".


"He said that you would be there, and said I should come too, I told him Josh had already told me and I was already going, he smiled and left with his hands in his pocket" She said indicating she was going left

Why did he not invite me, he loves me. Doesn't he?


I arrived at the party, the music was blaring and the beer was flowing, as i walked though the door there were people kissing in the porch and to the left of me a couple getting even further.

"Amy hi, where have you been?, the party has been going on for ages" Said Josh handing me a drink and giving me a huge smile and a hug. Not wanting to sound like a dweeb I lied;

"Oh I was deciding what to wear". 

"Well you made a hot choice!" He joked.

"Have you seen Kyle" I asked quickly sensing the awkwardness.

"Yeah he's outside".

"Thanks we'll catch up later OK".

"Yeah, later. Michael how' have you been?". He said, walking off to see Michael as he walked through the door.


I made my way outside where I was surprisingly greeted by;

"Guess who?" Kyle asked jokingly with his hands over my eyes.

I turned not looking happy.

"What's up babe?" looking worried now.

"What's up? Why didn't you tell me about the party, I'm your girlfriend!".

"Ohhh" looking at his feet.

"Yeah. Ohhh"

"Well I..I..was going to...".

"To what Kyle?!"

"Surprise you!" he said with tilt of his head and shrugged shoulders 

"Why? Are you ashamed of me because I don't look like Slaggy Katie?, which I've already noticed is here!" I said strongly.

"What, No I...."

Our argument was interrupted when the devil herself, Katie, came over.

"Amy" she in her girly tone.

"Katie!" I said bluntly "Me and Kyle are trying to talk! Do you mind?".

"Not if you don't, babe!" she added. "If you're talking to him about getting him back...".

My confusion showed, and Kyle looked guilty, "Then you're too late, we're already a couple!".

She grabbed his behind and kissed his mouth roughly as if biting his lip.

With my mascara smudged, and tears streaming down my face, I ran back into the house not wanting to see any more.


Josh ran after me, so did Jessie. 


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