Amy's life goes from good to bad, and bad to worse. Boys eh?


12. Telling Kyle

I finally plucked up the courage to tell him. I invited him over to talk about it. He didn't know anything about it  until he turned up.

As soon as Kyle arrived, I sat him down on the couch. He thought we were going to 'Get It On' again. Tried to make out with me. I tried my best to pull him off, but he wouldn't budge. The anger that formed inside me took over. As he started to get 'cosy' with me, my conscience ended up blurting out what I wanted to say all along.

"I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!"

Kyle stopped what he was doing, a shocked look took over his face. I thought that would happen. He got off the couch, He turned and started walking to the door. I asked him where he was going. He told me he couldn't do this. After everything we've been through, I was pretty sure he would support me and our baby. But he'd gone never talked to me again. He'd spread my pregnancy secret around the school, calling me a whore. It wasn't fair, he'd come on to me and yet I was the whore??!

I wanted to drop out of school, I just needed to tell my parents why first.

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