Amy's life goes from good to bad, and bad to worse. Boys eh?


17. Saying Goodbye

The day of the funeral arrived, and after telling Kyle what happened to the baby, I would have thought he would've showed up to his own baby's funeral. I would never have got through it without the support of my mum, dad, Josh and Jessie. Saying goodbye to my baby was terrible. He didn't even get to see the world! I have a long future of grieving to do. But, I know I'll never do it alone.

The last I heard of Kyle and Katie, was that they were absolutely in to each other. Josh found out that Jessie fancied him and they're now an item. Me? Well. I'm waiting for Mr Perfect. Who knows maybe in a few years time I'll find him. Only time will tell. Matt may have been taken from me, but I know that I'll never forget him!

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