Amy's life goes from good to bad, and bad to worse. Boys eh?


15. Nothing To Lose

What? How could he? I had walked into school just a day after my mum promised me that everything was going to be okay. I was shy, I knew people were judging! If I was in there shoes I would judge. I would love to think that I wouldn't but let's face it- who wouldn't? 
Anyway-back to the point. I walked into school and I saw Kyle. I had to blink a few times as I just couldn't believe what I saw. He was arm in arm with Katie. He saw me and so did she. They came towards me and I just wanted to run but I knew I couldn't run forever and besides- they already knew that I had seen them.
"Amy" Katie said in her really annoying tone.
"Katie" I said, determined not to show how upset I was.
Kyle was just standing there. "I thought that you were going to drop out of school". He said this with quite a disappointed look on his face. 
"Well we all think things which are not true. For instance I thought that you were half decent. And yes I am staying on at school and yes I am keeping the baby. If you don't want to be a father to OUR child then don't worry- I won't make you. But just remember in ten years time YOU WILL regret this".
There faces dropped. They were not expecting me to be that confident but I had decided that I didn't have anything to lose. People that didn't even know me have heard the rumors. How am I going to get through this?


Authors Note.....

Congratulations to EllaMovellas, winner of the 'Write a Chapter' competition on my blog. She wrote this chapter, so all credit goes to her.

Don't worry guys there will be another competition in a few days time, just keep an eye out on my blog.

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