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I am attempting to create a fantasy story. It will be first person, from the point of view of an elder man who had an amazing adventure, but always wished for it to end. Please note that I am not interested in writing for an audience, but rather for myself. I love writing, and most of my work has been fantasy. I love to read fantasy, sci-fi, and horror though I hate to put things in more than two genres: good and bad.


1. Let it begin

     To say it lightly, my life sucked. Most people would have loved it, I guess, but I did not. Not one bit. Nope. Not at all. A little, I guess. Well, the friends I made were worth it. As you can tell, I'm not the most decisive, never have been. I didn't want to have an adventure. I was scared of the horrors that I would face. I thought I would die, lost to time, just another body in a ditch. Sure, people would miss me, I was a merchant in a small village. I brought in all types of foreigners with my odd wares in my little shop. I bought, and sold, and traded for years. So I would be remembered for a while, but my name would fade. No children.

     I wanted them, most people do. But my village was a mining and farming community. Most of the miners were dwarves and orcs, while ogres farmed. Not many gnomes around there, and I wasn't into... well, I was into gnomes and that's it. I don't judge if you want half-orc babies, but I didn't, ok. I wanted gnome babies with a gnome mother for little gnomey me. I did see a women I liked, once. She was beautiful with bright green hair, that seemed to be a neon forest. Look at my eloquence of speech right there, eh? Well, her name was Jane, and she hated me. She came into my store for the first time when I was young, about 53, and spat in my face. Apparently I cheated her brother out of something, but I swear that I am a good business man, better than those pests. Humans is what you look out for.

     Those things only look out for themselves, and I mean individually, not as a species. They are violent, unpredictable, short lived, boisterous, and downright uncivil. Dwarfs are loud and drunken, but they are good workers, and warm to others. Orcs are violent, but truly loyal. Earn one as a friend and you would need to be almost human to lose them. Ogres are simple, and sometimes selfish. But they are pacifists, light-hearted, and a joy to work with. As long as you don't try to have some of their lunch. Humans are horrid, fighting every species, spreading as a disease, stealing land, build vast  castles, and even going to war amognst themselves. Sure, gnomes have guilds, dwarves clans, orcs tribes, and ogres... well, they are just ogres, but we don't kill our own kind. We fight for land, through diplomacy, economics, and games, be they violent or not. The orcs have games of strength and endurance, skill with weapons, while dwarves have contests of drinking and feasting. Humans kill each other for their expansion, for their kingdoms. Horrible vermin these creatures are, and they breed like rabbits, spawning up to twenty per woman in a life time, though most don't survive past childhood. The real sentient people; the orcs, dwarves, and gnomes, usually have two or three children per coupling, and live to easily three times the length of the humans 75 or so years.

     Wow, I think I went on a tangent there. Sorry. I do that quite often, so be prepared is all. Back to my story...

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