"Hi! I'm Maya. I am 18 years old and i am leaving for London, England where i will be spending my entire summer. I am excited because i will be staying with my best friend Liam Payne who i feel like i have known all my life.


1. Maya's POV

The lights were off in my bedroom. Everyone else in the house was asleep apart from me and my best friend Michaela, who was spending the night at my house. Tomorrow i was leaving my cozy home in the beautiful city in Wolverhampton, England to spend my summer vacation with my other childhood best friend Liam Payne and his band, One Direction, in their flat in London.  I hadn't seen Liam in more than a year because he  was really busy but we kept in touch the whole time and talked whenever we could. Finally, i would het to see him again. Liam had called me a few weeks ago telling me that the band are free during the summer vacation and asked me to visit and stay with them. All of a sudden my phone rand and startled me. 


"Liam!" I shouted excitedly. 

"Hey You! Excited?" He laughed.

"Yes! I have been waiting for such a long time to see you and finally i will!"

"Right! I am calling to tell you that i will be waiting for you at the airport around 5 to pick you up." He said.

"That sounds great! I can't wait!" 


We said our goodbyes and i hung up the phone with my eyes glowing. I was happy. Michaela grinned at me and decided to go to sleep. I was also really tired but i couldn't get any rest at all.

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