"Hi! I'm Maya. I am 18 years old and i am leaving for London, England where i will be spending my entire summer. I am excited because i will be staying with my best friend Liam Payne who i feel like i have known all my life.


4. London Maya's POV

Today the boys were taking me on a tour around London. Outside the sun was shining and i was hoping it wouldn't rain. I was really excited because i had always dreamed of visiting the beautiful city.

First of all, after Madame Tussaud's we felt like doing an outdoor activity, so we took a walk in Hyde Park. It’s a huge park which has been open to the public since 1637. Before that it was owned by kings for deer hunting and so on. From the very beginning it was owned by the monks of Westminster Abbey, but it was given to Henry VIII in 1536. Anyway, as we were walking around in Hyde Park, we got to Speakers Corner. It’s a place were people are aloud to do public speaking, and can almost say whatever they like without getting caught. The only things people aren't allowed to speak about are the British Government and the Royal Family. We left Hyde Park after a lovely couple of hours in the beautiful area and the well-spoken Speakers Corner. We decided to  finish the day with a nice dinner at Nando's because that was all Niall could even think about and then visit the famous musical, Phantom of the Opera. The musical is played at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Westminster and is a musical based on the novel written by Gaston Leroux, who was a French novelist. Andrew Lloyd Webber is the composer of the music. It is one of my favorite musicals. The musical is about an opera ghost (the Phantom) with a deformed face. He is unlucky and very much in love with one of the chorus girls whom he taught to sing. He even kidnaps her at one time to hide and marry her. It was a very thrilling and exiting story when the phantom terrorized the actors and workers at the opera house in Paris where the story takes place. I enjoyed it very much and the music was absolutely fantastic. It was a perfect end to my first day in London.

I knew i would never forget this day, but we were all really exhausted after the long day so me, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall got back home and all went to bed.

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