"Hi! I'm Maya. I am 18 years old and i am leaving for London, England where i will be spending my entire summer. I am excited because i will be staying with my best friend Liam Payne who i feel like i have known all my life.


3. I tried playing it cool, but when i'm looking at you..

"We're home!" Liam screamed as we entered a beautifully furnished apartment in North London.

At that moment 4 guys came running towards us. Standing there in front of me were Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn looking as amazing as always. I had never seen them before. Louis and Niall introduced themselves and offered to help Liam take my bags to the room they had prepared for me. Niall also introduced himself smiling at me and went back to the kitchen to finish eating. Harry stood there and grinned at me. I couldn't help but notice his beautiful green eyes and his cute smile. He had me hypnotized with just one look. I had to snap out of it, i had only just met him and besides i doubt that THE Harry Styles would fall for just an ordinary girl like me. 

"Hello love. I I'm Harry. You alright?" Harry asked still smiling at me. He had probably noticed me staring at him.

"Ermm, yes, sorry about that, my name is Maya and it is nice to meet you." I said trying to control myself.

"Nice to meet you too babe!" he answered just as the other boys came in the room where we were.


I sat and talked to the boys for a while. I really wanted to get to know my best friend's bandmates a little bit better. But i was too tired and i decided to go to my room and call it a night. 

Something about Harry kept me awake and didn't let me go to sleep as much as i wanted to. I barely knew him but i couldn't stop thinking about him.. his curly brown hair, his gorgeous olive green eyes, his dimples, his cheeky smile..  There was just something about him.. Eventually i was able to doze off.. 

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