"Hi! I'm Maya. I am 18 years old and i am leaving for London, England where i will be spending my entire summer. I am excited because i will be staying with my best friend Liam Payne who i feel like i have known all my life.


2. Big girls don't cry

I was exhausted when i woke up this morning because i hadn't gotten much sleep at all. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling. Eventually i had to get up so that i could get ready to leave for the airport. Michaela was already up and had made me some travel food. At noon we left for the airport and managed to get my luggage checked in and go through security in time. I was all ready to board the plane. I said my goodbyes wit Michaela and got on my plane and found my seat. I was already starting to get impatient. I had waited for this moment for a long time and now it was finally here. I watched out of my window at the beautiful scenery but fell asleep eventually. I awoke when i felt the wheels of the plain gently hit the ground. I grinned and pulled my headphones out. After calling Michaela telling her i had just gotten off the plane, i stood aimlessly in the lobby with my luggage looking around for Liam. 


"Maya!" I heard someone calling. I turned around and saw a circle of girls taking pictures. 

"Liam?" I let go of my luggage and gave him a tight hug. I had missed him so much. Tears fell from my eyes and he wiped them quickly with his thumb.

"Hey, big girls don't cry!How are you love?" He asked softly embracing me back.

"Never been better!"

"You ready to go?". I nodded. I was a bit uncomfortable with all the people around us taking pictures and staring at us. Together we walked out to where he had parked his car and got in. Liam hadn't changed. Not one bit..


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