Just a note to say...

When a letter addressed to Jody, (the prettiest, most popular, boy loving slut in year 11) is accidently put into Samantha's locker. She decides to have some fun.... with disasterous consequences.


1. Letter 1

Sam lay sleepily on her bed, dreaming about Niall. Hand in hand running along the beach, with his dirty blond hair waving in the breeze. The water splashing at their heels.


Her dream vanished. 'Damn.' Wearily Sam felt for her phone. It was Jess. Always Jess.

'You up yet? Guess who's party I got us invited to?'

At this point in time Sam couldn't care less.  'Who?'

'Only the fittest guy in year 11 :) Niall Horan!!!! His annual beach bash!!!'

Sam shrieked with glee! Now it was her time to impress him. Finally! She jumped out of bed, grabbing her clothes and makeup! 'You up yet, honey?' she heard her dad call from the kitchen. Sam ran down the stairs, grabbing her dads toast and running out of the door. 'Thanks.' she called from outside.

Jess was waiting for her by the gate. Both began shrieking and jumping up and down, however after noticing all the wierd glances they were recieving from the neighbours, calmed down and began talking excitedly.

'What do you think we should wear. We need to look extra mature!' began Sam.

'I've got my skirt and butterfly top.... but I think i've eaten too many cakes to fit into it. Lets go shopping!

This was their favourite thing to do, other than stalking fit guys, that is.

'Great, this saturday.' They agreed, as Joe came around the corner. Joe was Sam's best friend. They had known eachother for years and went to athleatics training together. He had musky brown hair which flopped over his forehead, and she had to admit, he did look pretty hot in his uniform. The way he wore his tie and shirt, loose but tight on the arms, which emphasised his muscular arms.......

They reached the school as the bell went and they all rushed off in their separate directions. Jess to science, Sam to maths and Joe to geography.

At break they all met outside Sams locker as usual,  but today a surprise awaited them.

A letter. Addressed to Jody. She was the slag of the year, got everything she wanted, every boy she wanted, including Niall.

Whoever wrote it had obviously been one locker wrong, as Jody's was next to hers.

They just stared. 'Maybe you should just put it back?' suggested Joe. 'I bet its a note declaring the position of the hidden treasure' giggled Jess. They all laughed. At least it broke the tention.

'No, i'm opening it.'

'What? Don't be stupid. What if she finds out. You'll be killed!'

'Thats a risk i'm willing to take.'

Sam slid her fingers alongs the seam, ripping the paper. Slowly she pulled the letter out and read it.

Hey ;D Just a note to say, I saw you yesterday, looking beautiful as usual x but i need it back xxx

'What does it mean 'I need it back'? Do you think she took something?..... It could be from Niall!' began Sam.

'Don't be thick. He knows where her locker is. Everyone in this school does.'

'Unless their new!' interupted Jess. 

'Of course!'

'Should we reply?' asked Jess

'Yeah lets have some fun, to get her back for all the times she's knocked us about, or called us names.'

At that moment Jody walked past, to get to her locker. Well not really walked, more of a snobby skip. 'Move it morons' She shoved past them. Sam grabbed the letter of Jess and shoved it in her bag. 'Lets go.'

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