Love is Deadly

One woman. One man. One dangerous relationship.
It's 2015. She's ex-military. He's ex- S.W.A.T team. They know their weapons. They know their strengths.

But one question remains above them all...

Do they really love each other?


2. Putting up with her. (Jake's POV)

I love her. Well no. No that's lying. And lying is a sin. It's a terrible thing to do, lie. Hold on, I'm getting distracted. I don't love her. She loves me though. I'm sure of it. That's why we're still together right? I play along with her. She doesn't suspect a thing. Or maybe I do love her. I dunno. Our wedding was supposed to reassure people of our love together. And that's what it did right? My parents believe it. So do hers. Right?

'Do you Jake Skeeling take Carly Seltino to be your lawfully wedded wife, till death do you part?' Said the Preist. All eyes were on me. I knew if I grinned they'd never take my lies and jokes seriously.

'I'd say yes but that may come quicker than many people think.' Everyone smiled. As if I was joking. I wanted to get mad. I wasn't joking. I'm still not.

So I don't love my wife. What's the harm in that? She doesn't know. And by the time she finds out it will be too late. For her anyway.

Maybe I do love her. I must do. I've put up with her for four years. Surely that proves I do?

What about me saying it to her. Do I really love her? Of course not. What am I saying. She's my wife. I have to have a hate/love relationship. Or is it love/hate?


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