Love is Deadly

One woman. One man. One dangerous relationship.
It's 2015. She's ex-military. He's ex- S.W.A.T team. They know their weapons. They know their strengths.

But one question remains above them all...

Do they really love each other?


1. Loving him. (Carly's POV)

Loving him is just so easy. He's kind. Sensitive when nessescary. Polite. And he tells me he loves me everyday. He's never cheated on me. He's never tried to rush me. He's just so patient. And I love him. He's brunnette. It's a shaggy hair style. He has brown eyes. He wears purple scarfs. I love him. At least that's what I think.

Even on our wedding day I wasn't sure.

'Do you Carly Seltino take Jake Skeeling to be your lawfully wedded husband, till death do you part?' The preist had said. All eyes were on me. I didn't know if I wanted to say yes or no.

'Err, ummm.' Everyone started glaring at me. Staring. Sighing. Gasping. All the signs of shock. I should know, being from the military. 'I guess I do.' I had said. Some people smiled. Other people looked horrified. I guess saying "I guess I do" on your wedding day isn't a very good idea. He wasn't much better to be completely honest.

'Do you, Jake Skeeling, take Carly Seltino to be your lawfully wedded wife, till death do you part?' He was before me.

He grinned before saying 'I'd say yes but that may come quicker than many people think.' I guess what I had said wasn't as bad as  what he had said. But they acted like I said the worst thing ever.

I still love him. I guess I do anyway. I must do. I've been living with him for four years. Surely that proves I love him. Doesn't it?

What about him saying it to me and me saying it back? Do I really love him? Of course I do. What am I saying. He's my husband. I have to love him. I do love him. And he loves me. I think.


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