Love is Deadly

One woman. One man. One dangerous relationship.
It's 2015. She's ex-military. He's ex- S.W.A.T team. They know their weapons. They know their strengths.

But one question remains above them all...

Do they really love each other?


8. A moment in time. (Jake's POV)

I lock the door behind her. I walk through to the kitchen to watch her through the window. A tear rolls down my cheek. What are you doing? I think to myself. You don't love her. You can't! I see the car start to drive off. I run to the front door. I unlock it and go out. The car's breaks slam. I see her getting out of the car. She's walking towards the house. No towards me. I start walking towards her across the knee high grass. She's crying. She stands a foot away from me. We just stare at each other for a few minutes.

"That wasn't a proper goodbye." She says.

"I know." I say.

"Would you like to try again." Try again saying goodbye? I think.

"Yeah, Goodbye. Be careful. I l-l-l, I'll miss you." She looks confused.

"No I mean try again. With our marriage. We'll renew our vowles, move into a new house. Start over." I look at her. I'm not sure if that's what either of us actually wants.

"Hold on then." I take her engagement and wedding ring off her finger. She looks upset. All the military people and the movers gather round. I get down on one knee. This is it. I think. I'm about to start over with her. I can do it. "Carly Seltino, I l-l I would like to start again with you, will you marry me?" She grins. Her smile is beautiful. The military people are telling her to go. So I kiss her. "Come home safely." I say. She holds my hands for a minute or two.

Then a gunshot fires.

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