Love is Deadly

One woman. One man. One dangerous relationship.
It's 2015. She's ex-military. He's ex- S.W.A.T team. They know their weapons. They know their strengths.

But one question remains above them all...

Do they really love each other?


3. A birthday. (Carly's POV)

Suprisingly to some, we still celebrate birthdays and Christmas and holidays like that. It's my birthday today. I walk downstairs into our big yet small living room. My husband, Jake, is sitting on the sofa. There is a gift on the floor. I kiss his cheek. Grabbing the present a card slips onto the floor. I place the box back down onto the floor. I open the card.

To Carly

Happy Birthday, the gift is something I hope you will find useful, if not, I shall exchange it for something more... useful.

Lo I mean From your husband, Jake.

I smile to him. He shrugs and reads his paper. I open the folds on the box. I cut the tape using a knife left on the table. I pull out a smaller more polished looking box. I open it up. There's a gun. And a single silver coated bullet. A silver necklace with a silver cross. And a can of what I can only assume is Holy water. I look at it all. Silver. Jake told me, on our first date, "Silver's something for creatures meant to live in Hell." Is he trying to tell me something? Then I look at the gun. Some silver coated parts. Is he hinting something? I turn to face him and nervously grin. It's his birthday tomorrow. I can't wait.

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