It was my entry for the Beat Girl: Fan Fiction competition buuuut I ran out of time so now I guess it's just a story. #sadtimes

Anyways, hope you enjoy it xox


1. True friends

"Aaaaaaaah" I let out a long breath of relief as I sunk into my soft, cushioned cloud-like bed. The combination of completing two hour-long exams, attending three lengthy lectures, babysitting my nieces and sitting on a cramped, stale bus for an hour had left me drained and exhausted, making me crave my bed like mad. 

I pulled the duvet over me and let out a steamy yawn as my heavy eyelids drooped shut. My body fell into a state of being half asleep yet momentarily awake as I waited for my mind to drift into the world of lucid dreaming. 


The phone sprung to life suddenly sending a jolt of life through the bones in my body. 

"Arrghh" I screamed exasperately, gripping my bedside phone with one hand and slamming it to my ear.

"What? What do you want?" I growled impatiently, 

"Ermm...Heather?" A small, confused voice piped up from the end,

My tone softened as I droned into the reciever, "Amy, it's eleven thirty, why would you possibly need to call me?" 

"Ermmm...well, you left your shoes here the other day and---" She began before I cut her off,

"Amy, seriously, what's the real reason you called me?" I asked flatly,

There was a short silence before her shaky voice filled my ears,

"I'm scared Heather...scared for tomorrow, what if everything goes wrong? What if I forget everything? What if they don't like my designs?" She whimpered,

"Amy" I sighed softly, "How many times do I need to tell you? You are amazing, you are absolutely positively truly amazing. Your designs are going to blow. their. minds. You don't need to worry about a thing, Ame, you got this" I encouraged, speaking nothing but the truth.

There was another silence but I knew from the years of conversations with my best friend that it was only because she was smiling right now, on the other end of the line. 

"Heather" She finally said,


"Thank you" 

"I'm just telling the truth and trust me, tomorrow, you're gonna be great"

 She giggled shyly, "Thanks....and sorry. For waking you up."

"What are best friends for?" I replied with a smirk, 

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then"

"Tomorrow for definite" I yawned,

"Love you Heather"

"Love you too. Goodnight" I whispered as I hung up slowly.

My eyes fluttered and my body slowly started to return to sleep but inside I was glad she called and I was glad I could make her feel better. After all, what are friends for? 



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