It was my entry for the Beat Girl: Fan Fiction competition buuuut I ran out of time so now I guess it's just a story. #sadtimes

Anyways, hope you enjoy it xox


2. The Power Of Three


It was Monday morning and I was late. 

As I jostled through the ever growing crowd that congregated around the train doors, I thought of how Amy felt right now. Today was the day that had been marked in thick red marker pen on her calendar for months. The day of her interview with VOGUE headquarters. After years of constantly studying fashion, persistently applying for jobs and demoralizing rejection, today was to be the first step towards Amy's life long dream.

She had been conscientiously planning today for the last god-knows how many months wanting it to be absolutely perfect. She couldn't even sleep last night, she rang me at two in the morning making me swear on my grave that I would be there to assist her in the morning.

Crammed against the hard corner of the moving train, I managed to squeeze my phone out of my pocket and text Amy, telling her I was on my way. She was most probably in tears by now. 6 am. That's the time I was supposed to meet her. It was 7.30am now.

The train came to a halt and the noisy metal doors rattled open. I dashed out between them and up the stairs. From the station, I could see the intricately designed doors oozing midnight black. I half ran, half walked along the road, my shoulder bag hitting my hip rhythmically as I walked. 

I reached the tall doors and grasped the giant white doorknobs with my whole hand, pushing it gingerly open. I could barely breathe as my eyes locked upon the sight inside. Shiny cream tiles covered the floor; so fragile they could be mistaked for glass. Silvery white chandeliers dotted the ceiling illuminating the tall rooms. The white walls created a stunning contrast with the drapes of black lace that lined the edges of wall. Sophisticated didn't even begin to describe it. 

I peered around subtly looking for any signs of my best friend but not trying to look too lost. Only about eight people, including me, were in the lobby and I was standing out like sore thumb. I walked over to the granite reception desk where two women stood on even end of the circle in suits, waiting for people to approach.

"I'm looking for Amy Collins"

"She checked in over an hour ago" The receptionist replied politely but inside I felt guilty, "She's waiting upstairs in the Illustrations wing" The receptionist pointed to the shiny, silver lift to the left of me. I nodded my thanks and entered the lift, stepping off the at the second floor letting the heavy metal doors slide close behind me.

From the end of the deep red carpeted corridor, I could hear voices which I instantly recognised to be Amy. I pictured Amy sitting surrounded by a pile of sodden tissues with her fingers in her mouth biting her nails down to a stump. Then suddenly, I heard a dreadful noise.

The sound of laughter.

Something's wrong, I concluded in my mind. No way was my moody, perfectionist best friend laughing at a time like this.

Bewildered, I pushed open multi-coloured glass door to reveal a light pink room with another reception desk, cabinets full of art and sketches and two cream of which were occupied by Amy and my second best friend, Steve.

Both of their heads turned towards the door as I entered and there was a moments silence as I stood awkwardly in the door frame. 

"Heather!" Amy shrieked unexpectedly, rushing over and hugging me. " smell like strawberries"

I laughed, "I'm so sorry I'm late Ame, the trains were all over the place and I woke up late and..."

"Don't worry" she gushed, "You came and that's all that matters"

Behind her, Steve stood dressed in his plain white shirt with a hint of colour from his trademark bow tie but instead checkered green and white. I squealed quietly and wrapped my arms round his neck. He grinned and hugged me back tight


"I haven't seen you in ages!" Steve remarked, just as a tall white door opened to the side us.


The receptionist at the desk pointed towards the room, “You may go in now. Mr Winston is ready for you”


We smiled simultaneously. Everything was leading up to this moment and we had Amy’s full support. Linking hands, we 

approached the door and stepped through to the next room, ready for anything to come our way. 

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