One direction fan fiction


1. distant looks

I was at a luxury beach part get away when Louis of one direction gazed into my eyes, his Icy blue eyes giving me a sharp piercing look, at that moment I strolled over to him, I was wearing my favorite black and white striped dress. He looked lovely, I could feel the distant sparks shooting! just as I began talking he stopped me, took my hand and kissed it! I had an excited exclamation on my face, everyone could tell this was the best night of my life! Later he took me out to dinner at red lobster. It was quite exquisite. It was costly, so when I offered a tip he refused. We spent the night chatting. As soon as we had finished supper he walked me home. We had to take  a short stroll through the beach, it was a beautiful time of day. The sunset gleamed off of the cold deep blue ocean. We walked through the sand holding hands, the sand squishing in between our toes. We had finally reached our destination, my house. He stepped up with me to my front door. We were still holding hands, he smelled of a manly collogne. He too me by the hands and slipped a note into my palm, kissed me lightly on the lips and took off. His lips were smoothe and chiseled. I unraveled the note, it had his number enrolled in it, the note also read I'll never stop loving you for this moment in time, call me maybe. He loved to joke so I guess putting song lyrics on notes was funny yet romantic to me! I will never forget the day I met, and went out on a date with  Louis William Tomlinson. He was wearing sharp suspenders andd a white dress shirt. although he has eleanor now, I shall cherish that date forever in my heart, for it was the best I've ever had.

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