Love is a temporary thing

Just a little novel I wrote on my way back from holidays.


1. Love is a temporary thing


I don’t know where we went wrong. We seemed like the perfect couple. We never argued, we never yelled at each other. Everything seemed okay. Actually, it seemed perfect. But never judge a book on it’s cover. Something went wrong. If not, I would have never left him. I swear, I could have married this guy. He seemed so perfect for me. But relationships never last forever. That’s my opinion. And sadly, I’m right.

It all started out very innocent. We met at a party, and started to talk. Five minutes into the conversation, I knew I liked him. He seemed like the perfect man. Not too childish, not too mature. A pretty man. Only one year older than me – a proper age difference. We had many things in common. Both liked music and art. Long nights together under covers, with hot cocoa and movies. To be honest, I fell in love, after ten minutes of intense conversation. He seemed like the man I’d been looking for, all my life.

We got drunk, and he took me back to his flat. It looked exactly like the flat I’d been dreaming of, all of my life. Big, light and modern. It wasn’t hard to see, he had money. Lots of them. He was charming – really charming. We made hot cocoa – of course with a little bit vodka, got under the covers, and started watching movies. He made me feel like a teenager again. A teenager, that had just found her prince charming. After an hour, he pulled himself together, and kissed me. And boy, I’d never tried a kiss like that before. Maybe it was the alcohol speaking, but that night, he was my only one.

We had an amazing time. And we actually stayed together for a month. And then it went wrong. When we met each other, I didn’t feel the same way. I couldn’t feel the magic in our kiss anymore. When I looked into his eyes, my heart didn’t speed up, and I didn’t feel like I was in heaven when he held me. And that’s when I knew it. That it wasn’t going to be him and me together.

So I was right. Relationships doesn’t last forever. Love isn’t a permanent thing. And I was stupid to believe, that this one would be an exception. But I did, and I had a good month with him. It just wasn’t meant to be me and him.

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