A Day in the Life

One day something happens. It happens in a High School. This High School is in a small town named Drallen. Drallen is in Scotland, and Scotland is on Earth...
As often as possible I will update this with different points of view on what happened that fateful day. There are 1503 pupils in this school. This Movella is an exercise in character and I will use it to create 3D people, people you believe could exist. Please comment and tell me what you think.
I will be inviting others to co-author this and create their own characters too!
I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to make your own entries in the group 'A Day in the Life.' They could be posted on this Movella.


4. Terry Love

Quarter to seven.

Up and early, like always. I have lots to do in the mornings. I check Facebook first.

Hi Terry... 

I check the person that simply sent me this short message. Star. She fancies me, I know she does. I take my phone out and text my best mate Sam saying that today is the day I will ask her out. Sixth period is the time. I comb my hair as it always looks awful in the mornings and is quite long for a boy.

I eat Coco Pops and clean my teeth. Scrub... Scrub... After that I get dressed into my school uniform which has one black streak across the arm of the shirt as once me and Sam had a pen fight. That was fun though. I organise my school bag and slump it on my shoulder. I have some boring lessons today. Shame I can only remember the first four. I take my P.E kit just in case I have that then I slump my bag over my shoulder and walk out the door. 

Period one

I walk in and notice Star isn't here. I reckon she's late. I sit on my seat and take out my pencil case. Halfway through she comes in, trying to avoid the teacher who gives her detention. As she sits next to me I can't resist a slight smile and blush.

Period two

Star doesn't seem to be on this planet though her eyes are in a daydreaming gaze. I can't help but let out a giggle.


I suddenly remember my fifth lesson is food tech. Oh god... I forgot my ingredients. Star walks over and asks what's up. I explain everything to her and she just laughs and says she wouldn't care if she was me.

Period three

She's daydreaming again. I love how she smiles when she daydreams. Then she says my name out loud. Her eyes look around as she snaps from her daydream. I blush. She was daydreaming about me. That makes me smile. 

Period four

I do nothing but smile. It is getting nearer to the big time when I ask her out.


Cheese sandwich, McCoy's, strawberries and apple juice. What else could I ask for? Star.

Period five

I have to do writing as I forgot ingredients. Suddenly Star stops cooking. I notice and I run over to pull her out of it. Too late.

Fire. She yells that she loves me.

I cry as we are split apart by the flames.

I close my eyes as the medics mumble something. All I do is run to her. 

Through the flames.

Burn. Burn.

I fall.

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