A Day in the Life

One day something happens. It happens in a High School. This High School is in a small town named Drallen. Drallen is in Scotland, and Scotland is on Earth...
As often as possible I will update this with different points of view on what happened that fateful day. There are 1503 pupils in this school. This Movella is an exercise in character and I will use it to create 3D people, people you believe could exist. Please comment and tell me what you think.
I will be inviting others to co-author this and create their own characters too!
I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to make your own entries in the group 'A Day in the Life.' They could be posted on this Movella.


2. Star Daydream

I wake up at 8:39 am. I'm late. Again. I sigh and put on my dirty, crumpled up uniform. I had gone to bed at 11 pm last night and look a wreck. I slide on my slippers and go downstairs.

'Morning Star.' My mum greets. I nod my head and grab my coat. 'What about cereal?' My mum asks.

'I'm late.' I moan, not even cleaning my teeth. I run to school and make it for half way through lesson one. I sneak in when my name gets called.

'Detention.' I sigh as hard as I can in hope she'l feel sympathetic.

'Don't sigh at me madam. Extra half an hour detention.' My plan backfires, roaring inside me. 

Period one (well what's left of it)

I sit next to Terry, grinning madly. I wink at him like some crazy lunatic and he blushes. I think he likes me.

Period two

Teacher mumbles something about something else. I start daydreaming about Terry. Me and him are high up a tree sing.

Us two up a tree...


Then we laugh and he brushes my hair behind my ears whispering three words.

'I love you.' 


I see Terry by himself and I walk up to him and ask what's up. He says he has food tech period five and he isn't looking forward to it. He explains about him forgetting his ingredients and I simply laugh. 

'Don't worry. I wouldn't care if I were you.' I grin. He knows that I never care because I'm in his class for food tech.

Period three

Blah blah blah... Terry... blah blah blah... Terry. I wake from my daydream to see the class staring at me. Terry most of all. My best friend Jen explains about me saying his name out loud and I blush red.

Period four

I do nothing but smile, at least Terry knows now.


Quavers, baguette and a chocolate milkshake. What else could I ask for? Terry.

Period five

I'm daydreaming again. I hear a distant mumbling of my name but don't bother responding. Oh god, I was too busy daydreaming to stop cooking.



Nothing but fire.

I don't listen to what the medics say.

'I love you Terry!' I yell out, panicked. 

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