A Day in the Life

One day something happens. It happens in a High School. This High School is in a small town named Drallen. Drallen is in Scotland, and Scotland is on Earth...
As often as possible I will update this with different points of view on what happened that fateful day. There are 1503 pupils in this school. This Movella is an exercise in character and I will use it to create 3D people, people you believe could exist. Please comment and tell me what you think.
I will be inviting others to co-author this and create their own characters too!
I hope you enjoy this, and feel free to make your own entries in the group 'A Day in the Life.' They could be posted on this Movella.


3. Lena Evergreen


Quarter to eight.

I'm a night owl. It really is a miracle that I get up at this time. I mumble good morning to my parents' room and creep to the bathroom. I splash my face with water, clearing away the creamy mess that soap has made. I dry my face and creep again to my room. I brush my long ash-blonde hair so that it is perfect, shining against the rising sun. Perfect, I think. I never wear any makeup, or any sort of fancy clothes or jewelry that would attract looks. Why? It's a secret that only my family and I know.

I know that it sounds crazy, but I'm LENA. The LENA, the top star, the angel's voice. Look, I know you can't believe it; it's like, Hannah Montana for real! Well, do you know why LENA always has comebacks during summer vacation? LENA, or I, have said in numerous interviews that LENA should be a name that stands for freshness and happiness. At what time of the year do students mostly feel that? Summer vacation. However, the truth is that I can't really go through school and sing at the same time. No one knows that the invisible freak Lena Evergreen is the world-wide top star LENA. 

To keep this a secret, I have tried my very best at school to be the boring, average-in-everything-girl. That way I never even got attention. I managed to keep my grades very moderate (B), never was too slow or fast, and most of all I avoided talking to my classmates. I kept my answers short ("yes" and "no" did the magic) and let my long hair hide my well-known face. Well, there was no way they would know even if they saw my face, as LENA always puts on lots of makeup and fancy clothing on, but still there's a risk.

I glimpse at the digital clock which has my face--well, LENA's face--printed onto it. I've got loads of LENA stuff. LENA t-shirts, LENA pencil cases, LENA notebooks... Anyways, 7:45 am. I turn on my MacBook Air and connect to Facebook. I click on LENA: official Facebook. 

'Heyy~ Wotcha doing? Oh, let me guess... you are listening to LENA, right? Thx Leners and see you soon~'

I posted it on my page. As soon as it was uploaded, it had several million likes and like, 20 thousand comments. I happily scrolled down, reading some.

'OMG LENA~ you are back to FB in like, 3 months! I luv ur songs soooo much! xx'

'LENA you rock, totally'

'Yup, thx to u too for remembering us Leners!  We r missing u so much... 4 months til comeback!'

'Oh. My. Gosh. LENA I love you so much.'


The last comment I read had a familiar name. I click on it. I see her profile photo, large in my 13 inch screen.


It's her. Jamie. Our school's Queen Bee. The one who never pays any attention to me. She's my fan?!

"Lena-" Mom calls, "it's eight fifteen!'

"Okay, coming!" I scream back, stomping down the stairs. I had spent too much time on Facebook. Shoot. I don't need breakfast, as I had pigged out yesterday and just had a KitKat bar.

"Bye honey. Have a great day."

"Thanks. You too Mom."

I close the door behind me quietly and leave for school.


Periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 has passed quite quickly. I don't count break, as I am invisible. It's lunchtime now.


I don't react, because I know it's not meant to be said to me.


I ignore the voice again. I don't know how I can hear it among all this noise. I take another bite out of my baguette.


Someone pokes me.


"Yes, you." The poker tinkles a laugh. I can't believe it. It's Jamie. Red juices fall from her perfect lips.

I say nothing. Jamie keeps the conversation going.

"Umm, may I have a look at your bracelet? it's really pretty, and familiar..."

I hold my breath. I try my very, very best to keep my face concealed... more as I know that this girl is a LENA fan.

"Oh. My. Gosh! This is like, the thing I want so so much! This bracelet is like, exactly the same as LENA's! Oh, do you know LENA? Well listen to her. She's like a-mazing! Oh I love her."

Shoot with the name of hell. I curse silently at the stupidity of me, as I had completely forgotten to take this bracelet off this morning. I say nothing. I observe her carefully. Then I get it. This girl wants my bracelet.

"Um, ur, ...hon? Can I have this?"

Now Jamie's face is close to mine. I nod quickly. I can do anything to keep this blabbermouth away from the fact that I am LENA. Her face shines with happiness. "Oh thanks hon! See you!"

Then she disappeared into the crowd. I bet she doesn't know my name. That's why I was called "hon". Want one more? I bet she won't even remember that she has met me, and that I am the one who has given this bracelet to her.


Soon lunch is over, and I head back to class. Ancient History. During class, Jamie suddenly pokes me.

"Hey hon! Thanks again!"

The teacher glares at her. "Jamie?"

"Oh sorry, Ms. Dubis. It's an emergency... may I please go to the bathroom?"

Ms. Dubis sighs. "You may."

Jamie winks at her popular friends and sashays to the bathroom. Not long after, a fire drill goes on.


It's so loud. I slam my hands against my ears, knowing that this is another stupid training-against-fire thing. However, the scent of something burning cannot be mistaken. I stand up in panic and run.


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